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Rack of guitars in a shop
#From the Team / 12 April 2021

Guitarology 101: Acoustic Guitar – Laminates & Solid Wood

As much as we love the chimey cleans, raunchy distortion, and full-blooded attack of electric guitars, nothing from the amplified realm can quite match the timbre of an acoustic guitar. While there are many factors that go into dictating what an acoustic guitar will sound like (such as bracing, body… Read more

Complete collection of Strymon Delay pedals on a display rack
#From the Team / 8 April 2021

Every Strymon Delay Pedal Compared

Not so long ago, if a pedal sounded great, you’d ask, “but is it analog?” The popularity of digital pedals never quite hit their deserved height till Strymon announced itself to the scene with the blueSky Reverberator delay pedal. Today, the analog question bothers few – and you can thank… Read more

Guitar pickups in a display drawer in a music shop in Bangsar, Malaysia
#From the Team / 26 March 2021

Guitarology 101: Passive Pickups vs Active Pickups

Ever wonder what the differences are between active and passive pickups? It’s a topic that most of us often hear about; but do we really know what separates the two pickup types? In this edition of Guitarology 101, we’ll be taking you on a magic carpet ride over the realms… Read more

Swee Lee and Taylor Guitars present Boyce Avenue Q&A Session
#From the Team / 15 March 2021

Swee Lee & Taylor Guitars present: Boyce Avenue Q&A Session

Years before there were the likes of Ed Sheeran and The Weeknd making their names on YouTube, there was Boyce Avenue. The American trio of brothers Alejandro, Fabian, and Daniel Manzano were already making waves on the video-sharing platform with their flawless cover videos of artists from Coldplay to Rihanna.… Read more

Fender and Gibson Custom Shop Guitars on a display wall in a music store in Malaysia
#From the Team / 2 March 2021

Why You Should Buy a Custom Shop Guitar

Custom Shop guitars. For some, the phrase evokes feelings of realising a childhood dream – a dream of obtaining that holy grail instrument! To others, it means getting the perfect instrument that adds an extra layer of musical inspiration – a push to take them to the upper echelon of… Read more

Harmony Electric Guitars hanging from a brick wall in a music store
#From the Team / 23 February 2021

Welcome Harmony Guitars: Available for Pre-order

Harmony Guitars are back. And we couldn't be more proud to have a brand with such an illustrious history available at Swee Lee. The world's most cherished musical instruments brand ushers in a new era with a brand new lineup, and you can now pre-order these Harmony Guitars at Swee… Read more

#From the Team / 12 February 2021

Chinese New Year 2021: Our Gear Picks

And just like that, the big C-N-Y looms across the horizon. Just as we’re easing into the new year, we’ve been thoroughly blindsided by the arrival of the impending Chinese New Year. If you’re anything like us, the holiday invokes memories of family get-togethers, angbaos, and delicious CNY treats –… Read more

#From the Team / 5 February 2021

8 Keyboards and Pianos for Beginners

For those just starting out on the keys, or looking to buy a starter piano for someone special – we fully understand that the process of choosing your first instrument can be a daunting task. With a massive assortment of features, types, and sizes on the marketplace, it can definitely… Read more

#From the Team / 3 February 2021

2020’s Most Popular Studio Gear

2020 was a pretty good time to start the audio recording project you’ve always wanted to do and most of our customers seem to agree. Whether it is finally beginning that long awaited podcast, upping the audio quality of your video game livestreams or perhaps turning your earworms into polished… Read more

Introducing koda.
#From the Team / 28 January 2021

Introducing koda: Quality Essentials that don’t Break the Bank

If you’re one of the many who’ve struggled carrying your brand new guitar home in a shoddy case, we feel you. Is it too much to ask for a carrying case for your gear that provides ample protection and doesn’t break the bank? Thankfully, there’s a brand that aims to… Read more

#From the Team / 26 January 2021

2020’s Most Popular Guitar Accessories & Essentials

Were you one of the many who picked up a new guitar or bass last year? As one of the most popular stringed instruments in music, it made perfect sense that these fretted wonders were our best selling category at Swee Lee last year. Just like cameras or cars or… Read more

#From the Team / 15 January 2021

2020’s Most Popular Guitar and Basses

2020 will definitely go down as being one of the most bizarre years in recent memory. As huge portions of the year proved to be difficult, tough decisions translated into music gear buying decisions. With stay-at-home time being at the highest points they have been for the longest time, it’s… Read more