Handpicked Arrivals

Two Kramer guitars in a music store in Singapore
#Handpicked Arrivals / 18 March 2021

Kramer Guitars are Back!

Let’s check out some of our favourite models from Kramer’s latest release for 2021! Read more

Two PRS Guitars and a PRS Guitar Amp
#Handpicked Arrivals / 15 March 2021

Welcome PRS Guitars : Pre-order Now

As we celebrate PRS becoming one of the brands available at Swee Lee, let us explore a few noteworthy models from their extensive catalogue! Read more

Gadhouse Brad Turntable with Vinyl and Vinyl Sleeves on a Coffee Table
#Handpicked Arrivals / 9 March 2021

New Turntables Ahoy!: Gadhouse

Gadhouse is in the house! Let’s put the spotlight on some of their turntable and audio products that we’ve got stocked up. Read more

Three Ibanez Electric Guitar Closeups
#Handpicked Arrivals / 8 March 2021

Ibanez: 2021 New Guitars & Basses

Check out some of the latest 2021 models that have caught our eye from Ibanez. Read more

#Handpicked Arrivals / 17 February 2021

Welcome Victory Amps: British-made, All-tube Boutique Tone

So what is the lowdown on Victory Amps? Let’s dive in and find out! Read more

#Handpicked Arrivals / 21 January 2021

New Gear Day: Taylor American Dream & Grand Theater Acoustics

Can we expect great things from 2021? Only time will tell, but we’re off to a good start thanks to Taylor Guitars. The innovative builder of acoustic guitars have announced not one, but TWO new series of acoustic guitars to their line up – the American Dream and Grand Theater (GT).… Read more

#Handpicked Arrivals / 3 October 2020

New Arrivals: Gibson Generation Series Acoustics

Say what you will about the year but 2020 has been an exciting time for guitar fans. We’ve seen the introduction of Gibson’s Modern Series and Original Series – a move lauded by guitar aficionados everywhere for satisfying the wants of both the purist and the modernist alike. The premier… Read more

#Handpicked Arrivals / 4 August 2020

Epiphone’s Acoustic Guitars for 2020

Everyone knows the electric guitars made by Epiphone – the Les Paul, the SG, the Casino, the Sheraton, etc. – the list just goes on and on. While the electric division of the Nashville-based company has been churning out great quality products for as long as we can remember, we’d… Read more

#Handpicked Arrivals / 23 July 2020

Steve Vai’s New Signature Model, the Ibanez PIA is Here

Back in 1987, a rising virtuoso and an esoteric Japanese guitar maker combined forces to create an instrument that represented one of the first radical changes to the electric guitar since its commercialisation in the late 1950s. Now the longest running signature guitar today – Steve Vai’s JEM series has… Read more

#Handpicked Arrivals / 15 July 2020

Teisco’s New Pedals for 2020 Have Landed

Resurrected from a state of limbo back in 2018, since then Teisco has been going from strength to strength in the pedal scene. Started in Japan back in 1948, Teisco was known as a maker of innovative and unusual electric guitars, basses and assortment of musical products. Teisco was a… Read more

#Handpicked Arrivals / 10 July 2020

RØDE Microphones: Our Picks

RØDE Microphones have landed at Swee Lee and we're happy to welcome such a popular manufacturer of mics to our gear line up. From modest beginnings in Sydney to the global recording heavyweights they are today, RØDE mics are commonplace in the arsenals of recording artists, podcasters, fimmakers and more.… Read more

#Handpicked Arrivals / 9 July 2020

Swee Lee Welcomes RØDE Microphones to the Family

Rejoice microphone fans! Swee Lee is bringing in one of the most beloved names in the world of audio recording – RØDE Microphones! Known for their great selection of studio, live, and field mics, RØDE is a uniquely Australian owned and operated company based in sunny Sydney with international campuses… Read more