Handpicked Arrivals

#Handpicked Arrivals / 9 July 2020

Swee Lee Welcomes RØDE Microphones to the Family

Rejoice microphone fans! Swee Lee is bringing in one of the most beloved names in the world of audio recording – RØDE Microphones! Known for their great selection of studio, live, and field mics, RØDE is a uniquely Australian owned and operated company based in sunny Sydney with international campuses… Read more

#Handpicked Arrivals / 13 November 2019

No Compromise: Introducing the New D’Addario XT Strings

In a world of full of duplicates and replicas, you could be forgiven for assuming guitar strings don't matter that much. Strings corrode after time, they lose that slinky feel, your tone starts losing its brilliance – putting suboptimal strings can severely hamper your playing and sound. After investing immeasurable… Read more

Introducing Aguilar Amplification
#Handpicked Arrivals / 1 November 2019

Introducing Aguilar Amplification: The Low End Authority

Bass heads – you know the name. You’ll find Aguilar Amplification gear on stages and studios all over the globe, their preamps and pickups are nestled in some of the best bass guitars. It’s been a hard-fought journey on the way to the top, forging their reputation on the back… Read more

#Handpicked Arrivals / 9 May 2019

Charvel and Jackson: 7 Shred Powerhouse Guitars Under $1,500

Not every guitar's made to handle the heaviest riffs, ultra-fast arpeggios or hottest licks. You can try to turn the gain to eleven on a Telecaster, but you know it doesn’t feel right... That's when you need a metal guitar. The calling cards of shred/ metal guitars are well-known and… Read more

#Handpicked Arrivals / 10 April 2019

Ibanez New Arrivals: Pushing Sonic Boundaries

Ibanez have hit a home run with their 2019 release, and we’re delighted to welcome another shipment of Ibanez products. Their mean streak of cutting-edge powerhouse guitars continue, pushing boundaries even further. You’ll find a wider range of pickups being used, from the remarkably versatile Fishman Fluence pickups to the… Read more

#Handpicked Arrivals / 6 March 2019

Taylor Grand Pacific: A Round Shoulder Above the Rest

When a guitar player thinks of a Taylor acoustic guitar, a few traits spring to mind: unrivalled playability, modern, utilitarian, well-defined clarity. Taylors don’t often pop up in guitar conversations revolving around vintage, bluegrass or roots American music. Enter the Grand Pacific Dreadnought. A new shape in the form of… Read more

#Handpicked Arrivals / 27 February 2019

That Great Gretsch Sound: World Class Drum Kits

The Gretsch name is best known today for the glitzy guitars that rocked out on countless stages since the 50s. But before Gretsch guitars had their heyday, the company were well ahead of the playing field with drum innovation. Gretsch opened shop in 1883 when a German immigrant named Friedrich… Read more

#Handpicked Arrivals / 22 February 2019

Gibson 2019 Acoustics: Staying True to the Classics

Named after the factory in Montana which they were made in, Gibson's acoustic guitars have been behind many iconic records in recent memory.  The 2019 Acoustic lineup have made its way into our stores (along with the electrics as well), and we instantly fell in love with these beautiful premium… Read more

#Handpicked Arrivals / 13 February 2019

Fender Parallel Universe: The Best of Both Worlds

Many of us grew up dreaming of owning a Fender Stratocaster or Telecaster. These time-honoured classics are everywhere, from the smallest studio to the largest stage. But in the same way that Prince wowed his audience with his one-of-a-kind cloud guitar, some of us yearn to stand out from the… Read more

#Handpicked Arrivals / 7 February 2019

Ibanez 2019: Gold, Exotic Woods, and Axes for the Adventurous

Ibanez has forged a reputation for forward-thinking design in recent years. 2019 is no different, as Ibanez introduces the new Axiom Label, new semi hollow guitars, and top-of-the-line hardware like Fishman Fluence pickups on some guitars. Many of these instruments made their debut at last week’s 2019 Winter NAMM show.… Read more

#Handpicked Arrivals / 5 January 2019

Gibson 2019: Beautiful finishes, even more tone, and stripped-down basics

Gibson’s annual launch is always a highlight of the guitar world and we’ve been anticipating the arrival of the 2019 lineup since the news dropped halfway through last year. They’ve finally arrived at our stores – we’ve unboxed, admired and played them and we’ve picked out some of the models… Read more

#Handpicked Arrivals / 28 December 2018

Fender Japan: 6 Models to drool over

Japanese guitar makers first showed their guitar building prowess in the 50s and 60s with guitars that were high quality and inexpensive compared to their American counterparts. The guitars were either brilliantly made replicas of well-known brands or unique and oddball creations from brands like Teisco. Their reputation for building… Read more