Local Artist Spotlight

Marcus Lee in a coffee shop in Singapore
#Local Artist Spotlight / 18 February 2021

Coffee Talk @ Swee Lee Social Club: Marcus Lee

We managed to squeeze in a chat with Marcus at Swee Lee Social Club over a decadent plate of Caramelised Waffles and coffee. We talked about the year 2020, lessons learned from a career in music, and what is coming up next on his calendar. Read more

#Local Artist Spotlight / 1 December 2020

R&B Artist Christian Theseira on Making Music at Home

What do you do when you feel tired of the rat race and decide to pursue your dreams full-time by making music at home? Well, that’s just what we aimed to find out when we sat down with R&B aficionado and label owner, Christian Theseira.Born and bred in KL, Christian… Read more

Advaitha in Swee Lee Social Club, Star Vista Mall
#Local Artist Spotlight / 23 November 2020

Coffee Talk @ SLSC: 17-year-old Singer-songwriter Advaitha on Starting Music Early, Her New Single, and Being Fearless

History and other rising artists have proven age is nothing but a number, and local singer-songwriter Advaitha Venkat feels no differently. Read more

#Local Artist Spotlight / 11 November 2020

Rudy Malik of Pop Shuvit talks Drums, Music Biz & More

Rudy Malik is a bonafide rockstar. After all, how many of us can say that we have played drums for some of the biggest Malaysian bands in the form of Pop Shuvit and Project E.A.R. With multiple years of touring under his belt and countless stories about sharing the stage… Read more

#Local Artist Spotlight / 30 September 2020

Coffee Talk @ SLSC: Dru Chen

Soul with a capital S. Dru Chen has no qualms making his influences clear. With a Stratocaster in hand, the local singer-songwriter is at home, and before you know it, he starts singing. And you instantly recognise that silky smooth vocals when you listen to his latest single Future Me… Read more

RIIDEM and Tengyboy
#Local Artist Spotlight / 26 August 2020

How Two Up and Coming Local Musicians Make Music at Home

Remember these names: RIIDEM and Tengboy. One is an established songwriter, mixing engineer and producer, the other an up and coming rapper and singer – you'll find them hard to miss in the growing music scene here in Singapore. And right now, they're riding the wave of their their latest… Read more

#Local Artist Spotlight / 12 August 2020

Local Indie Stalwarts M1LDL1FE on their Latest Single, Fender Tones and Touring

“I don't really know where to go. Moving is the only thing right. Really gotta open the door. Maybe we can make it in time,” croons the chorus of M1LDL1FE's latest single, “Small Lanes”. It’s something we all can relate to at some point of our lives – with the… Read more

Darren Teh An Honest Mistake Pop Punk Pedal Feature Walrus Audio TC Electronic Guitar Pedals MONO Pedal board Marshall Amp
#Local Artist Spotlight / 9 June 2020

Pedal Talk with Darren Teh of An Honest Mistake

Darren Teh is an honest guy. As we chat before the interview, he's about as candid as can be while talking about his gear, the music industry and everything in between. So it isn’t a surprise to us that the name of his pop-punk band, An Honest Mistake (AHM), seems… Read more

Jazz Djazz
#Local Artist Spotlight / 12 May 2020

Inside the Mind of a Producer, Composer & Artist: Shereen Cheong on What Musicians Should Know

If you have been paying close attention to the local and international music scene over the past few years, you might have noticed Shereen Cheong making some pretty substantial waves. Based in New York, Shereen is graduate of the prestigious Berklee College of Music and currently wears multiple hats as… Read more

#Local Artist Spotlight / 5 May 2020

Studio Monitor Advice from a Top Mix Engineer

One of the silver linings during this difficult period is the fact everyone's finding new and creative ways to stay productive at home. Producing music at home. for example, is really having a moment right now. Music production requires specific equipment and has its own set of rules. One of… Read more

#Local Artist Spotlight / 24 April 2020

Rasyid of Wormrot’s Vinyl Picks

The vanguard of the metal movement in Singapore, Wormrot has been shaking stages all over the world since their inception in 2007. Rasyid Juraimi is the guitarist and one of the founding members of the band. As the bringer of some of the heaviest riffs on this island, we decided… Read more

#Local Artist Spotlight / 18 April 2020

Charlie Lim Takes Us Through His Home Studio

You should be reading this at home. Probably after putting down your guitar. Musicians like you and us, we’ve got our instruments to keep us company. Why not go one step further and consider recording your music at home? Even before this "Circuit Breaker" measures were put into place, many… Read more