Local Artist Spotlight

#Local Artist Spotlight / 27 March 2020

Music at The Star Vista: Marian Carmel, Don & Oli and More

Last week Marian Carmel and co took the stage at the Atrium at The Star Vista with a performance that put a smile on all our faces.  Music has always been something that brought people together, but this time, the crowds kept their distance, and that didn’t stop them from… Read more

#Local Artist Spotlight / 20 March 2020

Tabitha Boon of Noivil Studios Picks Out Her Music Production Essentials

Tell someone you wanted to produce your own music at home on the cheap 20 years ago and they may have called you crazy. But today, we’re truly spoiled for choice – putting together a decent recording set up at home without breaking the bank is indeed a reality. Just… Read more

#Local Artist Spotlight / 25 February 2020

The Lowdown with Jeff Phua of Mad August – Gear Talk

For someone who starting banging on milo tins and picking the only instrument (bass) left in a jamming studio, Jeff Phua has come a long way since. These were just some of the anecdotes the cool and amiable bass player for KL-based Mandarin rock band Mad August shared with us… Read more

#Local Artist Spotlight / 18 February 2020

Jeff Phua of Mad August Tells Us About His Bass Beginnings, Band and the Music Biz

Tucked into the cosy seats of Swee Lee Social Club in Lot 10, KL, Jeff Phua and his tech, Zedes enter the premises with a MONO gig bag strapped across his shoulder. He extends a hand introducing himself with an air of friendly confidence and plops down onto the plush… Read more

#Local Artist Spotlight / 14 January 2020

Derrick Siow’s Guide on Becoming a Professional Drummer in Malaysia

Derrick Siow is probably one of Malaysia’s best drumming secret! He's played for the biggest names in the Malaysian scene, like Siti Nurhaliza, Jaclyn Victor, Kris Dayanti, NJWA and more. Derrick is one of those rare drummers who has honed his craft over multiple genres. If you've ever had the… Read more

#Local Artist Spotlight / 4 October 2019

Jonathan Fong of Sole Superior Picks His Top 10 Vinyl at Swee Lee

Streetwear and sneakers go hand-in-hand – anyone who’s copped the latest drops will tell you that. But perhaps even more so, music has been ingrained into streetwear culture right from the very beginning – just ask Jonathan Fong, co-founder of Sole Superior and Street Superior Festival.  Sneakers and streetwear might… Read more

Calvin Phua Stopgap showing BOSS effect pedals
#Local Artist Spotlight / 25 September 2019

Top 5 BOSS Effect Pedals with Calvin Phua of Stopgap

Many guitarists proudly proclaim their love for pedals and effects, but few will ever match up to Calvin Phua. Calvin Phua cranking knobs at Stopgap's 'Totems' album launch. Best known for his work with beloved Singaporean indie rock outfit Stopgap, this guitarist carved out a reputation for himself over the… Read more

#Local Artist Spotlight / 2 September 2019

With the Band: Summations, T-Rex on Baybeats 2019

It’s been a little over a week since the annual Baybeats takeover at Singapore’s Esplanade and the diversity of talent seems to grow with every year. Every edition of Baybeats brings together well-loved local acts, the up-and-comers, as well as international headliners to the same stage — a treat for… Read more

#Local Artist Spotlight / 26 August 2019

Anis Kalisa’s Top 10 Guitar Gear for Rocking Out

Are you someone who swears by a particular style of guitar? KL-based guitarist and sessionist, Anis Kalisa certainly does. For her, it's Les Pauls all the way. For our first Malaysian artist feature, the Soul Statue guitarist shares her life-long love for the iconic Gibson design with us, her journey… Read more

#Local Artist Spotlight / 26 July 2019

10 Essentials for Ambient Pop with Jazreel of Causeway Youth

In the world of ambient guitar music, reverbs are cavernous, lush modulation thrives, and delay controls are cranked up — but not without reason. The loosely-defined "ambient music" label itself is not genre-bound and is most identifiable by its focus on creating atmospheric layers. Some popularly associated styles of music… Read more

#Local Artist Spotlight / 3 July 2019

Top 12: Desiree Tay’s Must-Have Percussion Gear

The cajón, a box-shaped percussion instrument originally from Peru, under the hands of skilful drummers has proven to have more tonal options than its six sides seem to suggest. But that hasn’t stopped creative musicians from adding more and more hand-percussion and accessories to their cajon set up to take… Read more

#Local Artist Spotlight / 19 June 2019

Pedal Challenge: Hasyir Ibrahim’s picks under $500, $1K & $2K

Whether you’re new to pedalboard building or a long time pedal aficionado, the fact remains the same — trying to decide on your next pedal acquisition can quickly become overwhelming. The options never end and every permutation of your signal chain opens up new tonal possibilities. A good way to… Read more