Your Guide to Buying a Cajon

What’s not to love about the cajon? They’re affordable, accessible, portable, versatile and most of all, a lot of fun. You don’t need to be an expert drummer or musician to be able to play one. It’s actually simpler than you think if you’re looking to jam along with your… Read more


Playing Live with your Acoustic Guitar: The Tools You’ll Need

From the smallest of gigs to the grandest of stages... today you’ll find the acoustic guitar player comfortably at home. But this wasn't always the case. For an acoustic instrument to be heard by a larger audience, it had to be amplified. Modern technology has given us plenty of solutions, with… Read more


Setting up a Pedalboard: Pedal Order Explained

Getting a concrete answer to the question “what’s the correct way to arrange your pedal signal chain?” is tough and with soooooo many pedal products on the market, it can often be difficult to even know where to start with a signal chain. Even the large pedal companies have difficulty… Read more


A Simple Cymbal Guide for Beginners

Cymbals - the crucial and defining pieces of a drum kit that can make or break your sound. Maybe you’ve finally outgrown your first drum kit, you’re looking for a different sound, or you’re putting together your kit piece by piece. When you start exploring the many different types of… Read more


What is an Audio Interface?

For beginners, audio interfaces might sound a little technical, but they really aren’t that scary. An audio interface is a device which will allow you to record an instrument or vocals into your computer, laptop or mobile device. You may be used to recording directly into your phone using the… Read more


Picking Out Your First Acoustic Guitar

How a guitar conjures a whirlwind of emotions with just six strings is just part of its allure. The rest of it results from delayed gratification - it take weeks and sometimes months to develop the finger strength and muscle memory to play your first song, and even longer to… Read more


Beginner’s Guide to Setting Up Your Home Studio

  Prince’s first album “For You” was produced, arranged, composed, and performed all by Prince alone. He played all 27 instruments, including an awe-inspiring 46 vocal lines layered into the opening track. Thanks to leaps ahead in technology, taking on such a task today is a whole lot simpler, and… Read more

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Keeping Your Guitar Looking and Playing Great.

Buying a guitar is more than a statement telling the world you're a rock n roll star—it's a serious investment. And like anything else you've put your hard-earned money into, you want to keep it working perfectly and looking amazing. So here are a few very simple tips to remember… Read more


What is Mastering?

You may have heard the term ‘Mastering’ before. Here on the Swee Lee blog, we're going to discuss the art of Mastering, what it is and how you can use it as an artist. What is Mastering? Mastering takes an audio mix and brings it to distribution-quality. It’s the final step… Read more