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Lunar New Year 2023: Our Gear Picks

It’s Lunar New Year and here are some of our top picks for the season across guitar, drums, piano and lifestyle products. Usher in the auspicious year with music, and celebrate it with great new gear. 

Squier FSR Affinity Series Stratocaster QMT

The latest budget-friendly Stratocaster from Squier features the signature S-style contoured lightweight body. It allows for maximum tonal manipulation from three single-coil pickups partnered with individual tone controls for the neck and middle. A versatile guitar, the Stratocaster QMT is a  great instrument for musicians at all levels. 

PRS SE A40E Angelus Hollow Body Acoustic-Electric Guitar

The PRS SE A40E is a hollow-body acoustic-electric crafted in the Angelus body shape. Its tone is complex and decadent, and combined with its onboard Fishman GT1 electronics, the SE A40E is extremely playable. Jazz and blues musicians will find the deliciously warm notes of the A40 Angelus a perfect fit for their genre.

Victory V1 Sheriff Guitar Effects Pedal

Building on the success of the inaugural valve-powered Sheriff, the Victory V1 model now comes in a pedalboard-friendly size. Renowned British pedal master, Adrian Thorpe, worked on this pedal, resulting in superb vintage low-gain tones that are responsive and feel authentic. Sculpt your own soundscapes with a trio of bass, middle, and treble controls or dial up the gain for a jaunt through 80s hard rock.

Jackson JS Spectra Bass JS3 IV Bass Guitar

Thoughtfully designed, the offset body of the JS3 IV distributes weight throughout the bass body, alleviating muscular strain even after long jam sessions. Dual Jackson humbuckers result in an immense low-end grit while a HiMass™ bridge keeps stability and sustain. The JS3 IV is an extremely comfortable and playable bass, worthy of being added to your collection. 

ZT Lunchbox Reverb Combo Amp

The ZT Lunchbox Reverb Combo Amp boasts 100W of power with a custom-designed 6.5” speaker and lush built-in reverb. Opt for clean or overdriven tones and juice up your sound with pedals with the amp’s ample headroom. The spartan design of the Lunchbox also includes a headphone output and aux input, making it an excellent companion for musicians on the move. 

D’Angelico Premier Bowery LS Dreadnought

The D’Angelico Premier Bowery LS Dreadnought brings the dreadnought shape and mahogany body for a resonant, yet balanced sound. Plug in the guitar for a live setting and enhance your playing with the onboard pickup and MG-30 preamp. An additional phase switch reduces feedback, while the 3-band EQ and master volume controls ensures you’ll always sound great.

Chapman ML3 Standard Rabea Massaad

The Chapman ML3 Standard Rabea Massaad is a guitar built for brutal riffs and tons of bite. Its satin-finished alder body is a balanced all-rounder and the Henchman humbucker on the bridge comes through with steely tones. The response to distortion is fantastic, and it can also be controlled via a mini-rail neck pickup.

Fender Hammertone Space Delay Guitar Effects Pedal

The Fender Hammertone Space Delay pedal proves that analogue delay effects are here to stay. Adjust its saturated tape-delay with Time, Feedback, and Level controls. The Analog Dry-Through tech preserves guitar tone through all degrees of delay. Finally, the pedal’s true-bypass switching slots it seamlessly into any pedal chain configuration.

Bugera V22HD Infinium 22W Tube Guitar Amplifier Head

Equipped with 3 12AX7 preamp tubes and twin EL84 power amp tubes, the 22W Bugera V22HD Infinium tube head can flit between smooth, clean tones or simmering overdrive. Its vintage equaliser array comes with bass, mid, and treble controls, along with normal and bright inputs to complement your guitar’s sound. There’s even the option to jump between triode or pentode operation via the mode switch. 

Pigtronix Infinity 3 Looper Guitar Effects Pedal

The Pigtronix Infinity 3 Looper pedal is a next-gen looper capable of building on independent stereo or split mono loops for musical accompaniments. Each loop can be controlled individually for speedy mixing during live performances. Just like all Pigtronix creations, the Infinity Looper 3 improves on its original user experience with the Sync Multi function, which syncs the loop length of overdubs and aligns rhythms and beats precisely.

Evans Snare Side Clear Drumhead

The 3mm, single-ply thickness of the Evans Snare Side Clear Drumhead hits that sweet spot between excellent body and response. This all-star drumhead is suitable for lower volume play, but its bright tone still cuts through louder sets. Whether it’s solo studio work or part of a band mix, this is one drumhead that’ll suit most playing styles and techniques. 

Ludwig L415FPR 400 Series Single Bass Pedal

The Ludwig L415FPR 400 drum pedal is a reliable, heavy duty single bass drum pedal. Rock plate technology keeps the pedal firmly locked in place for long practice sessions. The pedal also comes with a reversible beater on the cam drive for a smooth action.

Roland FP-90X Digital Piano

Equipped with the PureAcoustic Piano Modeling sound engine, the Roland PF-90X is an 88-note digital piano that features unlimited polyphony capabilities for piano voices. Gear up for endless experimentation with an entire library of Roland flagship instruments, then give them a tune-up with the onboard effects engine.

Roland AE-01 Aerophone mini Digital Wind Instrument

The Roland AE-01 Aerophone mini is the perfect instrument to kickstart your musical journey. With no complicated chords to learn, this is a fun, modern wind instrument that allows you to explore a variety of music styles while picking up a new instrument. Its Bluetooth functionalities allows you to play along to your favourite songs from other sound devices. 


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