New Arrivals / 9 September 2021

New Fender Japan Guitars & Basses for 2021

Fender Japan is back with brand new offerings! And this time they’ve dropped three different series for 2021: The Heritage, Traditional II and Aerodyne II. Combining supreme Japanese craftsmanship with quality woods and hardware, these instruments are fantastic workhorses that deliver on the stage and in the studio!

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Join us as we take a quick look at what these new lines entail!

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Fender Japan Heritage

Fender’s brand new Heritage series is a dream come true for vintage aficionados. This acclaimed series combines exceptional Japanese luthiery with authentic specs sourced from original vintage Fender instruments. Best of all, these instruments are all accessible at a really affordable price point!

 Fender Japan Heritage ‘60s Jazzmaster
The Fender Japan Heritage ’60s Jazzmaster has ash or alder bodies with period-correct single coils, a six-saddle vintage-style adjustable bridge with a floating tremolo tailpiece, and nitrocellulose lacquer finish.

Developed with a Fender Custom Shop Master Builder

The Fender Japan Heritage line is developed in conjunction with Mark Kendrick – a founding master-builder of the Fender Custom Shop and Fender’s current Director of Global Build Standards. This collaboration ensures that everything – from the pickup voicing, design, electronics, and hardware – is as authentic as possible to create truly accurate vintage reissues. 

Fender Japan Heritage ‘50s Precision Bass
The Fender Japan Heritage ’50s Precision Bass is another golden era bass brought into the future!

Capturing the essence of each unique Fender era

The Heritage Series captures the true essence of Fender instruments from a distinct era from their illustrious history – the 50s, 60s, and the 70s. You’ll be able to find various makes of Strats, Teles, Jazzmasters, and bass guitars, all referenced from the original US drawing archives and various vintage instruments. 

Fender Japan Heritage ‘60s
Based on the coveted twangmeister of the sixties, the Fender Japan Heritage ‘60s Telecaster features everything great about a vintage Tele – alder body with a nitrocellulose lacquer over ‘60s ‘C’-shape maple neck and a three-saddle vintage-style Tele bridge.

Limited Japanese exclusives

These models are Japanese exclusive, but we’ve managed to work out a sweet deal to bring them over to South-East Asian shores. Be sure to get them while you can because numbers will be limited!

Fender Japan Traditional II

Maybe you’re a fan of the vintage Fender aesthetic but would like a little more modern features on your axe. Then the Fender Japan Traditional II might be right up your alley!

Fender Japan Traditional II Mustang
The Fender Japan Traditional II Mustang takes the classic Fender offset DNA and updates it for modern times.

The best of old and new

A fusion of traditional Fender specs, Japanese craftsmanship, and innovative guitar-building methods –  the Traditional II takes the best aspects of old and new to make something that all types of players will enjoy. Playability and performance are all but given for these guitars and basses!

Fender Japan Traditional II 70s
The iconic big headstock with an ash body, the Fender Japan Traditional II ’70s Stratocaster has all the best features from the super seventies.

Capturing the essence of each unique Fender era

Just like the Heritage series, every instrument in this line covers an iconic era: 50s, 60s, late 60s, and 70s. This time, however, most of the instruments from this series employ the use of a gloss finish basswood body (the 70s models use ash bodies) with vintage-style frets on a 9.5-inch radius fretboard. 

Fender Japan Traditional II 60s Jazz Bass
An exclusive feature for certain limited edition models in 2021, this Fender Japan Traditional II ’60s Jazz Bass has a roasted maple neck for good measure.

2021 limited edition models + roasted maple necks

2021 also sees the introduction of roasted maple necks to certain limited edition models. In addition to looking fantastic, this makes these guitar necks stronger, lighter, and more stable. The roasting process also makes the wood less susceptible to moisture and climate changes – perfect for countering the humid climates of South-East Asia.

Some of the more peculiar models, such as the ’60s Jaguar, make their appearance in the Fender Japan Traditional II Series too.

Japanese exclusive models

Once again, these models are Japanese exclusive. But we’ve managed to get a limited number of them over for the local market.

Fender Japan Aerodyne II

Just like its name implies, the Fender Japan Aerodyne II series is a collection of aerodynamic speedsters made for the technical player. So if you love the mojo of a Fender but the performance of a contemporary instrument, you’ll find a lot of joy in this series.

Fender Japan Aerodyne II Stratocaster
With the Fender Japan Aerodyne II Stratocaster, you’ll get to pick between SSS and HSS pickup configurations.

Ergonomics electrics

Starting with the classic silhouettes of the Stratocaster and Jazz Bass, you’ll see a basswood body with rounded-off top edges for the ultimate right-hand comfort. This, compounded with its lightweight construction, makes for an extremely ergonomic instrument that all gigging musicians will appreciate.

Fender Japan Aerodyne II Jazz Bass
Just like all instruments from the Aerodyne line, the Fender Japan Aerodyne II Jazz Bass is ergonomic and supremely comfortable to play!

Unapologetically modern and fast

Unlike the chunkier necks from vintage specced guitars, the Aerodyne series utilises a “slim C” profile. This allows you to really put your hands around the neck of the Aerodyne II models – making faster and more intricate licks easier to execute. Top that off with a finished rosewood fingerboard and you have a line of instruments with plenty of tactile goodness.

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Stay tuned to our website and the Swee Lee Blog for product highlights from the new shipment of guitar products that will be coming in soon. Drop us a message if you need any help or advice!

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