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Swee Lee Is Proud to Be a Music Tribe Super Partner

Swee Lee is proud to be a Music Tribe Super Partner

Music Tribe is the parent company to household brand names in the music industry like TC Electronic, TC Helicon, Behringer, Midas, Turbosound, Tannoy, Bugera and many others. Swee Lee is proud to enter into a “Super Partner” arrangement with Music Tribe.

Swee Lee has been a Music Tribe Authorised Distributor for three years, and our new status as a Music Tribe Super Partner brings this relationship to the next level. This means we get to welcome a whole host of new brands to our already existing Music Tribe brands like TC Electronic, TC Helicon, Tannoy, Behringer and Aston Microphones. Here’s a rundown of the new Music Tribe brands now available at Swee Lee.


Widely known for their “real world” studio referencing monitors for the music and recording industry, Auratone speakers have been used by legendary artists like Michael Jackson and the Bee Gees’. The ideal monitoring tool for music producers, Auratone are dedicated to providing quality sound that translates well into consumer audio.


Bugera build guitar and bass amplifiers, specialising in vacuum tube and hybrid designs. Founded in 2000, they have risen over the years to become a go-to brand for tube amplifiers with classic tones with value-for-money pricetags. Bugera take a lot of pride in the quality of their work, with meticulous lengths gone to selecting the perfect tube, building their own speakers and obsessing over details.

Klark Teknik 

Klark Teknik have long been lauded by recording or performing musicians for their outstanding audio technology products. Since its founding in 1974, Klark Teknik products have become a staple in live musical performances and are trusted by major artists like AC/DC, Metallica, R.E.M. and more. Klark Teknik continue to prolong their legacy by focusing on innovation in the world of high-end professional audio.

Lab Gruppen

Lab Gruppen professional-grade power amplifiers are catered for live performances and touring, and have been adopted by leading sound rental companies and renowned FOH (front of house) engineers worldwide. Lab Gruppen products are also widely used for commercial and industrial purposes like hotels, bars and performance spaces. With roots dating back to 1979, Lab Gruppen can count U2, Philadelphia Eagles and Hamburg Elb Philharmonie as some of their well-known users.


Midas are all about enabling artists to produce and perform quality, groundbreaking music. Their audio mixing consoles have earned themselves worldwide recognition, claiming artists like AC/DC, Metallica and R.E.M. as some of their famous customers. Midas have come a long way since its founding in 1970, and have won multiple awards such as the International Readers’ Choice Award for ProSoundWeb & Live Sound.


Turbosound build PA systems, stage monitors and live sound essentials that have become an industry standard. The winner of three Queen’s Awards, Turbosound can boast Pink Floyd (Division Bell Tour), Heaven Nightclub (London) and VEB Arena (Moscow) as some of the great clients under their belt.

To celebrate our Super Partner relationship with Music Tribe, we’re giving everyone 5% off all their brands including products from Behringer, TC Electronic, TC Helicon, Tannoy, Bugera and many more! This promotion is valid from 23 to 29 August 2021.

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You can find all of Music Tribe’s brands available at Swee Lee’s online store. If you see a product you like that is currently not available, drop us an email and we will be in touch with you.

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