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Fender Made in Japan 2022: The International Colour & Japan Junior Guitar Collection

There are few releases as highly anticipated as Fender’s Japan 2022 collection. Over the years, Fender Made in Japan (Fender Japan) has made a name for themselves with their range of affordable and incredible guitars and their latest release is no exception! Fender Made in Japan New Arrivals Fender Japan… Read more

#New Arrivals

Tone Chasing: Evidence Audio Cables

So you’ve got the guitar, the amp, the effect pedals, and you’re sounding amazing. However, there’s just one more piece of equipment that you’re missing. Enter Evidence Audio’s legendary audio cables. Trust us when we say that these audio cables will take your tone to the next level. Shop Evidence… Read more

#New Arrivals

MONO x Teisco Drop Special Edition Vertigo™ Electric Cases

When two brands put their creative minds together, we sit up and take notice. That’s exactly the case with MONO and Teisco’s new collaboration - special edition MONO x Teisco Vertigo™ Electric Cases in three bold colours and patterns. Shop MONO x Teisco’s Vertigo cases With the same top-loading, neck… Read more

#New Arrivals

New Squier Guitars for 2022

As the younger sibling of mega-brand Fender, Squier is commonly dismissed as a budget brand, but naysayers couldn’t be further from the truth. Made from quality tonewoods and top-notch electronics, Squier’s lineups are always something to look forward to and 2022’s offerings are no different! Shop Squier's FSR & 40th… Read more


Swee Lee Giveaway: Win a PRS Limited Edition SE Parlor P20E in Pink Lotus

Have you heard the news? Swee Lee has just been recognised as one of the Top 5 International Dealers for PRS Guitars! We're super proud to announce such a massive milestone and we'd like to thank all of you for putting us in this position – we'd never have gotten… Read more

#New Arrivals

A Swee Lee Exclusive: Harmony Introduces Sierra Ukuleles

For over a century since its founding in 1892, musical instrument company Harmony has been the go-to brand for musicians everywhere, and is warmly remembered for starting many musicians’ lifelong journey into music. Once the largest musical instrument manufacturer in the United States, Harmony is best known today for their… Read more

#New Arrivals

Swee Lee Welcomes Pigtronix

Only last week, we initiated Supro into our exclusive list of brands. Now we shift the spotlight to its sister brand, Pigtronix. If you’re up-to-date with your boutique guitar gear titans, this is definitely a name you’ll recognize. Perhaps you’ve seen their adorable mascot, hog-stronaut Marvin, floating around the Internet.… Read more

#New Arrivals

Swee Lee Welcomes Supro USA

With so many names fighting for the limelight, how does a brand stand out? Maybe establish themselves in the rock ‘n’ roll industry? Or push boundaries with landmark instruments and amps? Having titans like Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones as loyal customers wouldn’t hurt either. If all these traits… Read more

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Swee Lee Welcomes Gravity Picks

Some labels have their feet firmly planted on the ground. They’re good at what they do and they stick with it. Others are willing to chart a different flight path for the sake of innovation, leaving earlier conventions behind. But only a select few manage to take the leap into… Read more

#New Arrivals

Swee Lee Welcomes Rotosound Strings

Big things have been happening behind the scenes at Swee Lee. It's been a while since we've shared exciting news, but we're proud to announce that we've managed to secure a few huge brands to our roster. This time around, however, we're placing the spotlight firmly on Rotosound Strings. Shop… Read more

#New Arrivals

Taylor Guitars: What’s New for 2022

Today’s musicians are spoiled rotten. With the number of fresh releases Taylor Guitars sends our way, how could we not be? Every time their acoustics enter the market, every guitarist updates their wishlist. This year is no different. Eight – count ‘em – eight fresh offerings are hitting Swee Lee… Read more

#New Arrivals

Lowden Guitars: Boutique Acoustic Guitars from Northern Ireland

Remember how we welcomed Ed Sheeran by Lowden to Swee Lee a couple of months ago? Now, it’s Lowden Guitars' turn, and it's about time! No, you're not seeing double. Lowden Guitars are collaborators behind Ed Sheeran's signature guitars. While Sheeran's instruments retain the Lowden integrity, they're a lot more… Read more