New for 2021 – the Ibanez AZ Essentials (AZES) Series
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The New Ibanez AZ Essentials Series: The Best Beginner Super Strat?

Ibanez have launched a new series – the AZ Essentials. An ultra-affordable flanker to their already successful and highly-regarded AZ lineup, the AZ Essentials has big footsteps to follow. The last year has seen a boom in the guitar industry and we’ve welcomed an unprecedented number of new guitar players.… Read more

The all-new 2021 Squier Affinity Series
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Introducing the All-New 2021 Squier Affinity Series

The Squier Affinity series is one of the most well-known instrument lines in existence. In fact, this humble collection has provided the platform for many eager musicians to start out with the guitar. Built with quality tonewoods and electronic components, the Squier Affinity series is celebrated for supplying the tones… Read more

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What is an Audio Interface?

For beginners, audio interfaces might sound a little technical, but they really aren’t that scary. An audio interface is a device that will allow you to record any instrument or vocals into your computer, laptop or mobile device. You may be used to recording directly into your phone using the… Read more

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New Fender Japan Guitars & Basses for 2021

Fender Japan is back with brand new offerings! And this time they’ve dropped three different series for 2021: The Heritage, Traditional II and Aerodyne II. Combining supreme Japanese craftsmanship with quality woods and hardware, these instruments are fantastic workhorses that deliver on the stage and in the studio! Shop Fender… Read more

a cajon in a music store
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Your Guide to Buying a Cajon

What’s not to love about the cajon? They’re affordable, accessible, portable, versatile and most of all, a lot of fun. You don’t need to be an expert drummer or musician to be able to play one. It’s actually simpler than you think if you’re looking to jam along with your… Read more

Guide to acoustic guitar body shapes
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Guitarology 101: Acoustic Guitar Body Shapes

Details matter! Especially if you’re talking about the subject of acoustic guitar body shapes.  Take a second to think about it – acoustic guitars change tonally depending on a myriad of factors (woods, construction, strings, you name it!). You can even read the article we did on bracing types for… Read more

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MIDI Controllers Under S$300

Just starting out with music production? Your journey will see you explore a whole range of gear on your way to a fully functional studio space. You’ve got your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), studio monitors, but there might not be anything as indispensable as a MIDI controller. Shop MIDI Controllers… Read more

Swee Lee is proud to be a Music Tribe Super Partner

Swee Lee Is Proud to Be a Music Tribe Super Partner

Music Tribe is the parent company to household brand names in the music industry like TC Electronic, TC Helicon, Behringer, Midas, Turbosound, Tannoy, Bugera and many others. Swee Lee is proud to enter into a “Super Partner” arrangement with Music Tribe. Swee Lee has been a Music Tribe Authorised Distributor… Read more

The Best Acoustic Guitars for Beginners: Buyer’s Guide
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Buyer’s Guide: The Best Acoustic Guitars for Beginners

Gather around the campfire y’all – we’re going to be talking about acoustic guitars for beginners.Call us biased but the acoustic guitar is one of the most beautiful sounding instruments in the world! With countless centuries of innovation and evolution, this self-amplifying stringed instrument has gone through countless iterations before… Read more

Studio Gear for Recording
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Build Your Home Recording Studio under $1k, $2.5k & $5k

Got all these new tunes ready to go, but perhaps you've not got a way to get them recorded? If you’re a home-bound musician who’s feeling hampered by this, why not assemble your own home recording studio? First of all, building your own home studio is not as hard as… Read more

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Squier Guitar & Bass Lineup Compared

If you’re looking to get into the electric guitar and you don’t have an unlimited budget at your fingertips, Squier is most definitely a name that would have come up during your search.  Often regarded as the little brother of Fender, the Squier brand has actually been in existence since… Read more

dude playing piano
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Types of Keyboards: Synths, MIDI, and Digital Pianos

From the sounds of the Hammond organ in the 60s to the synthesizers of the 80s, no instrument has been able to adapt to the shifting music landscape like the keyboard. Its versatility, relative ease of playing and broad appeal have guaranteed its place in every modern genre. Shop Keyboards… Read more