Fender Guitars on display in a music shop in Singapore
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Fender Guitar Guide: Lineups Explained

American Ultra or American Professional? Player or Vintera? Here's our Fender Guitar Guide so you know which instrument best suits you. Read more

Boyce Avenue Q&A Session live Taylor Guitars part 1
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Boyce Avenue Live Session Part 1: Royal Albert Hall, Staying Inspired, Originals and More

Last month we had the honour of hosting a virtual Q&A session with a powerhouse trio, Boyce Avenue. Thanks to Taylor Guitars, fans from Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia took this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet with all members of the band virtually to ask them their burning questions. For those who… Read more

A man with an electric guitar, using a smart phone with his practice guitar amp
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How to Find the Perfect Beginner Electric Guitar

So you’ve made your choice. After much deliberation and strenuous thinking you’ve finally decided on the instrument for yourself – the electric guitar! Read more

Guitar technician servicing an acoustic guitar
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Fighting the Guitar Humidity Battle in South East Asia

We speak to James, resident guitar technician/luthier for Well Played Gear, who has seen firsthand and repaired many guitars damaged by humidity. Here's his advice. Read more

Complete collection of Strymon Delay pedals on a display rack
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Every Strymon Delay Pedal Compared

Looking at Strymon for their fantastic delays? Join us as we take a look at every Strymon delay pedal within their extensive catalogue! Read more

Taylor acoustic guitars with solid wood top at Swee Lee Star Vsita
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Guitarology 101: Acoustic Guitar – Laminates & Solid Wood

If you’re new to guitar or are not too familiar with the details of laminate or solid wood on acoustic guitars, this is the article for you! Read more

Guitar pickups in a display drawer in a music shop in Bangsar, Malaysia
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Guitarology 101: Passive Pickups vs Active Pickups

What’s the topic for Guitarology 101 this time? Well you’ve seen the title: it’s passive pickups vs active pickups! Read more

Two Kramer guitars in a music store in Singapore
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Kramer Guitars are Back!

Let’s check out some of our favourite models from Kramer’s latest release for 2021! Read more

Swee Lee and Taylor Guitars present Boyce Avenue Q&A Session
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Swee Lee & Taylor Guitars present: Boyce Avenue Q&A Session

Stand a chance to meet the Boyce Avenue trio in an exclusive live Q&A session hosted by Swee Lee Music and Taylor Guitars. Read more

Two PRS Guitars and a PRS Guitar Amp
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Welcome PRS Guitars : Pre-order Now

As we celebrate PRS becoming one of the brands available at Swee Lee, let us explore a few noteworthy models from their extensive catalogue! Read more

Gadhouse Brad Turntable with Vinyl and Vinyl Sleeves on a Coffee Table
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New Turntables Ahoy!: Gadhouse

Gadhouse is in the house! Let’s put the spotlight on some of their turntable and audio products that we’ve got stocked up. Read more

Three Ibanez Electric Guitar Closeups
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Ibanez: 2021 New Guitars & Basses

Check out some of the latest 2021 models that have caught our eye from Ibanez. Read more