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New for 2021 – the Ibanez AZ Essentials (AZES) Series
#Gear & Tech Tips / 21 September 2021

The New Ibanez AZ Essentials Series: The Best Beginner Super Strat?

Ibanez have launched a new series – the AZ Essentials. An ultra-affordable flanker to their already successful and highly-regarded AZ lineup, the AZ Essentials has big footsteps to follow. The last year has seen a boom in the guitar industry and we’ve welcomed an unprecedented number of new guitar players.… Read more

#Gear & Tech Tips / 14 September 2021

What is an Audio Interface?

For beginners, audio interfaces might sound a little technical, but they really aren’t that scary. An audio interface is a device that will allow you to record any instrument or vocals into your computer, laptop or mobile device. You may be used to recording directly into your phone using the… Read more

Guide to acoustic guitar body shapes
#Gear & Tech Tips / 7 September 2021

Guitarology 101: Acoustic Guitar Body Shapes

Details matter! Especially if you’re talking about the subject of acoustic guitar body shapes.  Take a second to think about it – acoustic guitars change tonally depending on a myriad of factors (woods, construction, strings, you name it!). You can even read the article we did on bracing types for… Read more

Guitar technician servicing an acoustic guitar
#Gear & Tech Tips / 29 July 2021

Fighting the Guitar Humidity Battle in South East Asia

"Store in a cool and dry place". "Guitar humidity is paramount for your instrument's best performance". Sound familiar? So many of the products we buy come with that label, and it's not surprising we take it lightly. But reconsider that advice when it comes to your guitars! We've spent too… Read more

Strymon Iridium and Walrus Audio Mako Series ACS1 Amp Modellers
#Gear & Tech Tips / 15 June 2021

Amp Modellers: Strymon Iridium vs Walrus Audio Mako Series ACS1

“The ultimate compact rig”, “The perfect quiet home recording setup” and “Minimalist guitar gear for the most tones”. If you’ve been part of the electric guitar world for the past ten years or so, you would have undoubtedly heard these effusive praises pop up – especially so when the phrase… Read more

Taylor V-Class bracing. Types of acoustic guitar bracing
#Gear & Tech Tips / 4 June 2021

Guitarology 101: Acoustic Guitar Bracing

Acoustic guitars have been around for hundreds of years and we’re not complaining – they sound sweet as heck! Bright and sonorous, it is hard to imagine music as we know it today without the instrument. However, the tone that comes out of the good ol’ musical box is a… Read more

Morningstar Engineering MIDI Pedals
#Gear & Tech Tips / 22 May 2021

10 Questions with Morningstar Engineering

MIDI Controller pedals! For some of us in the guitar community, they are an indispensable performing tool. And to many of us, it sounds like fanciful jargon out of a late eighties space opera. To get the lowdown on what MIDI Controller pedals are all about, we decided to have… Read more

Walrus Audio Mako Series D1 Echo Delay Pedal
#Gear & Tech Tips / 19 May 2021

Delay Pedals: A Brief History of the Time Based Effect

If you’re new to delay pedals, then don't delay – cause you're missing big time (pun-intended)! You've probably heard this effect before but if you need a refresher, check out the opening riff of Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N’ Roses or pretty much anything by U2! Like an… Read more

Rack of guitars in a shop
#Gear & Tech Tips / 12 April 2021

Guitarology 101: Acoustic Guitar – Laminates & Solid Wood

As much as we love the chimey cleans, raunchy distortion, and full-blooded attack of electric guitars, nothing from the amplified realm can quite match the timbre of an acoustic guitar. While there are many factors that go into dictating what an acoustic guitar will sound like (such as bracing, body… Read more

Complete collection of Strymon Delay pedals on a display rack
#Gear & Tech Tips / 8 April 2021

Every Strymon Delay Pedal Compared

Not so long ago, if a pedal sounded great, you’d ask, “but is it analog?” The popularity of digital pedals never quite hit their deserved height till Strymon announced itself to the scene with the blueSky Reverberator delay pedal. Today, the analog question bothers few – and you can thank… Read more

Guitar pickups in a display drawer in a music shop in Bangsar, Malaysia
#Gear & Tech Tips / 26 March 2021

Guitarology 101: Passive Pickups vs Active Pickups

Ever wonder what the differences are between active and passive pickups? It’s a topic that most of us often hear about; but do we really know what separates the two pickup types? In this edition of Guitarology 101, we’ll be taking you on a magic carpet ride over the realms… Read more

#Gear & Tech Tips / 11 February 2021

2020’s Most Popular Studio Gear

2020 was a pretty good time to start the audio recording project you’ve always wanted to do and most of our customers seem to agree. Whether it is finally beginning that long awaited podcast, upping the audio quality of your video game livestreams or perhaps turning your earworms into polished… Read more