Walrus Audio Mako Series D1 Echo Delay Pedal
#Inspiration / 19 May 2021

Delay Pedals: A Brief History of the Time Based Effect

If you’re new to delay pedals, then don't delay – cause you're missing big time (pun-intended)! You've probably heard this effect before but if you need a refresher, check out the opening riff of Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N’ Roses or pretty much anything by U2! Like an… Read more

#Inspiration / 13 July 2020

Vinny May, Jr from KODALINE Answers Your Questions

Kodaline’s recent singles ‘Wherever You Are’, ‘Sometimes’ and ‘Saving Grace’ have proven that the band are as popular as ever, with their new tracks quickly exceeding 24 million streams. Just last month, the Irish band released their fourth album One Day At A Time, adding a new chapter to a… Read more

#Inspiration / 17 April 2020

Getting BIG Tone for the Bedroom Guitarist: Our Picks

Anyone guilty of poking fun at bedroom guitarists who never play outside their home? Well jokes on you! We're all bedroom guitarists now.  Many of you will already appreciate, sounding great playing at a gig is a completely different ball game. What sounds awful at home might sound great in… Read more

#From the Team / 14 April 2020

Guitars, Basses, Ukes: It’s Time to Learn a New Instrument

Remember that one time you told someone that some day you'll learn the guitar? Back then we had all the excuses in the world, "I'm wayyy too busy!" Well, now we do – and thanks to the Internet, we’ve also got the resources to learn to play at home for… Read more

#Inspiration / 24 March 2020

5 Songs to Learn at Home and How to Get That Tone

The world seems to have ground to a standstill. Concerts and music festivals cancelled, mass gatherings curbed and movement controls have been coming into effect across the globe. Our Malaysia team and friends have a restricted movement order, and everywhere else, we're being advised to stay home to help prevent… Read more

#Inspiration / 14 November 2018

School’s Out! 10 Musical Instruments to Kickstart your Music Journey

Put aside the books, the school holidays are here! If you’ve always wanted to learn a new instrument or pick up a new hobby, there’s no better time to start. Aside from being away from the stresses of exams and school, many studies have shown that playing a musical instrument… Read more

#Inspiration / 31 October 2018

Best Picks: Electric Guitars under $3,000

There’s no better time to be in the market for a guitar. Improvements in manufacturing, quality control and technology means high-end guitars no longer have to cost a fortune. Aspirational brands like Gibson and Gretsch and high-value guitars like American-made Fenders are now sold at a more accessible price, and… Read more

#Inspiration /

Modulation 101: A Guide to Vibrato, Phasers, Flangers and Chorus

Listen to the opening riff of Heart’s iconic single, Barracuda: the first thing to hit is the heavy overdrive. It rumbles with the intensity of a buffalo stampede. Then a sweeping, whooshing effect that elevates the entire riff, taking the opening to a whole new level. This psychedelic effect that… Read more

#Inspiration / 17 October 2018

Your Guide to Recording at Home. Fast.

If you’ve been to a home studio or a professional recording studio, you’ll have seen that recording musical instruments is serious business. From the clusters of cables and fancy equipment, to the expensive soundproofing which surrounds you – you might decide to leave recording to the pros. But thankfully, recording… Read more

#Inspiration / 10 October 2018

A Buyer’s Guide: Your next Bass Guitar

Do you remember your first instrument? The one you learned your first chords and songs on and made countless memories. Many of us hold on to our first instruments, no matter how cheap or poorly made, just for those many sentimental moments. But some of our first success stories in… Read more

#Inspiration / 19 September 2018

Hollow Bodies: Why we love them

Joe Pass, Chet Atkins, Kenny Burrel, Barney Kessel, Wes Montgomery, Scotty Moore. They all found their sounds and made their names with hollow bodied guitars. The big, warm, resonant sound produced by hollow bodied guitars is unmistakable, and its distinct characteristic is what draws many players to it. There is… Read more

#Inspiration /

10 Gibson Guitar Heroes

Gibson’s illustrious history started with its founding in 1902 in Kalamazoo, Michigan, making just mandolins at first. They very quickly became the go-to for luxurious, classy electric instruments, with big jazz bands favouring their hollow-bodied guitars. Gibson remain the true innovators of the electric age with the invention of the… Read more