Inspiration / 10 January 2018

4 Producers We Love That Went Against The Clock

A home studio can mean different things to different people, and there hasn’t been a more exciting time to build your own. Get your foundation up and running with a software on a laptop, and a nice pair of monitor speakers. Once you’ve got that, take your studio anyway you wish to express yourself. Go digital, go analogue, or get adventurous with a mixture of both – that’s where the magic really happens.

Four producers went up against the clock to see just what they and their setups can formulate, and what results is as surprising as it is inspiring.


Samir Alikhanizadeh, or Happa, demanded attention from the prodigal age of 15 through BBC Radio and a remix with Four Tet. Six years on, his industrial sound is well and truly home in the electronic music scene.

His intimate setup includes the Ableton software, a Focusrite Audio Interface, and Adam Audio Speakers all connected to a tape deck which he uses to record samples from tapes he’s borrowed (stolen) from his mum and dad. The hiss of a cassette tape mirrors the humility Happa possesses, and worth attempting on your own if you’re craving something a little less “clean”.


Dexter’s genius stems from the 80’s when he hung out with his breakdance crew, and it shines through his electro music all the way through to today. His artist name comes from the animated series “Dexter’s Laboratory”, if you’re wondering just how far he’s willing to go with his setup.

Dexter’s setup includes a Roland Drum Machine, a Roland JX-3P (for the updated model see the JX-03), an M-Audio keyboard, and an Arturia MiniBrute – a great foundation to create the bouncy and vibrant techno vibe that we’ve gotten familiar with. We particularly like how the chord stab midway through adds a “housey” dimension to the mix.

Joe Hertz

From globe-trotting R&B instrumentals, to dance drops and influences from his residency in the U.K., Joe Hertz lays it all out in his latest EP night / daze. Showcasing both talent and creativity, his influences come from glitchy electronic music in video games, and legendary producers like Timbaland and J Dilla.

Joe Hertz delivers great insight into his production workflow here, creating a track which is smooth, soulful and melodic, all in healthy amounts. Using Logic as his primary DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), Joe uses his NI Komplete Kontrol to lay down chords, basslines, and a melodic hook – showcasing the versatility of the kit. The latest update for Komplete Kontrol automatically plays a short snippet of each song as you scroll through, which allows more time for experimentation.

De Sluwe Vos

Hailed for his strong hooks and quick mixes, De Sluwe Vos’ work is reverberating through the Amsterdam house and techno scene. He’s rather vocal with his music goals; to take his crowd into a higher state of mind, with no worries left at all.

De Sluwe Vos’ modular-heavy setup is analogue heaven. Interestingly enough, even with his extensive kit, he prefers to record all of it into Ableton, believing it gives him the greatest control. With Ableton 10 out this month and a free upgrade available if you download 9 now, exercise your control and get producing.

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