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Crosley Turntables Compared

If you’d have told somebody back in the 2000s that vinyl would be making a comeback in a big way, they’d probably have you committed to a psych ward – but lo and behold, look at the state of the music world right now. Vinyl hasn’t only made a comeback, they’ve surpassed the lofty sales figures set from the 90s – the peerless platter might just be here to stay for the long run.

But what’s the hype about vinyl all about? Some swear by the analog audio experience, others love the tactile feel of playing a record that the digital world has removed.

Getting into the disque game, like any other musical endeavour, can be expensive. There can be a whole host of equipment and gear that’ll add up in cost, like speakers, cables, phono preamps and more.

That’s where Crosley shines the brightest – with affordable and all-inclusive turntable set-ups, getting your Mister Miyagi (that’s a “Wax on” reference by the way) on has never been easier!

Come along with us as we break down the entry-level turntable offerings from Crosley Radio.

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Crosley Cruiser Deluxe

Crosley Deluxe

Let’s start with the most iconic turntable in the Crosley catalogue: the Cruiser Deluxe!

Designed with a plethora of connectivity options and user-friendliness in mind, the Cruiser Deluxe serves as the gateway for budding vinyl enthusiasts to get going. The vinyl player itself is wrapped in faux-leather to give it both the benefits of increased durability and classy aesthetics.

A major plus point of the Cruiser Deluxe is its petite size and portability. If you plan on taking your vinyls around, you’d be chuffed to know that the Cruiser Deluxe houses everything but it’s power adapter in its light and stylish suitcase enclosure – making it a real hassle-free music carry-on. In terms of hardware, the Cruiser Deluxe has built-in dual stereo speakers, ensuring quality listening experience straight out of the box without compromising on its compact form factor. 

If you need more volume to fill a room comfortably, the Cruiser Deluxe has RCA outputs that allow you to hook it up to a receiver or powered speakers of your choosing. If you plan to listen to your jams in a more private manner, there’s always a headphone jack. And if you ever feel like listening to tracks you don’t have on vinyl, the Cruiser Deluxe has an aux-in port and built-in Bluetooth receiver that allows you to stream your music through its speakers via your digital music devices.

Crosley Discovery

Crosley Discovery

The Discovery is another vintage-inspired portable turntable with all the features you need to get started – all while keeping your wallet in mind. Housed in a rounded faux leather enclosure, the Discovery has a distinctively curvaceous design that is immensely pleasing to the eye.

Just like the Cruiser Deluxe, the Discovery has a built-in stereo speaker, a built-in Bluetooth receiver, and an aux-in port that allow you to play music from both modern and retro mediums.

Three-speed controls gives you control of the rotational speed of your vinyls at 33 1/3, 45, 78 RPMs respectively in addition to an adjustable pitch control that allows you to tune your music to taste. While you’ll be able to bring this tiny turntable out and about, home dwellers will be delighted to be able to utilise the Discovery’s RCA ports for integration with their own speaker setup.

Bluetooth-compatible + portable + vintage-inspired, the Crosley Discovery is a great place to let your analog music exploration begin!

Crosley Voyager

Crosley Voyager

The most bulky of the beginner bunch, the Voyager shares some common traits with its siblings but some slight differences as well. First off, the Voyager comes with the same complement of connectivity options and features as the other two aforementioned turntables.

The Voyager has always been a huge hit amongst people who adore the early to mid century design aesthetic, and it’ll form a great part of your home decor.

A subtle difference comes in the form of the audio quality of its inbuilt speakers. Due to its slightly larger build, the Voyager has a slightly more open quality to its sound – not a marked disparity but something to take note of if you prefer using your Crosley as a standalone player.

So what are you waiting for? Drop the needle on this whimsical music wheel, turn the thrusters up and prepare to blast off for a music voyage for the ages!

We’ve also been putting up our whole vinyl catalogue on our website, so do check ‘em out there to see what we’ve got in store. Be sure to check them frequently as we are always updating them as we get new presses in.

Be sure to stay tuned to our website and the Swee Lee Blog for new product features and highlights.

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