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Gibson 2019 Acoustics: Staying True to the Classics

Named after the factory in Montana which they were made in, Gibson’s acoustic guitars have been behind many iconic records in recent memory.  The 2019 Acoustic lineup have made its way into our stores (along with the electrics as well), and we instantly fell in love with these beautiful premium instruments.

The 2019 guitars retain their classic look and feel – this is not a revolution, but an evolution in the right direction. Essentially, Gibson has stuck to the winning formula that has made the line successful for many years, with few subtle tweaks.

We dive deeper into some of the 2019 Gibson Acoustic models.

Gibson Montana 2019 Hummingbird

The Hummingbird is one of Gibson’s most distinctive and recognisable acoustic guitars. The beautiful engraved hummingbird and flowers on the pickguard make the guitar an object of envy. Aesthetics aside, the Hummingbird has always been one of Gibson’s most versatile acoustics – country, blues, pop – it’ll do it all. The 2019 Hummingbird is no different, the classic pairing of a spruce top and mahogany back and sides give the guitar its famed voice.

Gibson Montana 2019 Hummingbird Studio

Loved by many for its rich tone and luxurious appointments, the Hummingbird may be out of reach for aspiring artists. If it’s the famed square-shouldered dreadnought’s tone at a lower price you’re after, the 2019 Hummingbird Studio fits the bill perfectly.

Made with the same construction technique, the Hummingbird Studio is essentially a stripped down Hummingbird with a slimmer body, and walnut back and fretboard.

Gibson Montana 2019 L-00 Studio

One of Gibson’s earlier acoustic designs, the L-00 has been loved for its comfortable parlour-sized body and bright, focused tones. The guitar became a cultural icon when Woody Guthrie took to the stage with his L-00 with the text “This guitar KILLS fascist” emblazoned on its top.

Owning this iconic acoustic today doesn’t have to break the bank – the L-00 Studio retains its classic looks and sound and pairs it up with modern appointments, all at a reasonable price tag.

Gibson Montana 2019 J-45 Chroma

Since its introduction in 1942, the J-45 has been the workhorse of many recording and touring artists like Bob Dylan and Buddy Holly. It is arguably Gibson’s most iconic and celebrated acoustic guitar.

With the 2019 J-45 Chroma, Gibson have taken all the hallmarks of the time-honoured guitar and gave it a modern and practical touch. The first thing that meets the eye is the incredible Teal Burst finish that looks even better in person. A slimmer body, cutaway and the modern Advanced Response neck profile make the J-45 Chroma a true player’s guitar.

Gibson Montana 2019 J-15

Gibson’s slope shoulder acoustics are one of the great designs in the guitar world. Gibson met the demand for a no-frills, low-cost variation of the J-45 by introducing the J-15. It may look austere in its cosmetic appointments, but the J-15 is no slouch. Its sitka spruce top and walnut back and sides produce a bright, responsive and dynamic tone which dreadnought players love.

Gibson’s 2019 range of guitars is now available at Swee Lee. Take a look at the collection here, or head down to your nearest Swee Lee to give these fine guitars a try. You may just find yourself a gem.

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