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Griff Answers Your Questions

Griff answers your questions

19-year-old Sarah Faith Griffiths isn’t your typical teenage girl. More widely known as Griff, she is fast becoming one of the foremost musical talents to come out of the United Kingdom over the past few years.

Fresh off her release of 1,000,000 X Better, a collaboration with English electronic duo HONNE, we managed to snag a bit of Griff’s time to answer some of your burning questions on Instagram.

Listen to 1,000,000 X Better by Griff and HONNE here.

You can watch our Instagram Story Highlight for snippets of the interview on our Instagram page here.

Who was your inspiration to pick up music?

I think it must have been my brothers because I’m the youngest. I’ve got two older brothers and I think especially when you’re the only girl, you become quite competitive and I just wanted to do anything they were doing. So they were learning musical instruments and my brother was also producing, so yeah (I picked up on those skills too).

Best thing about working with HONNE?

The best thing about working with HONNE is honestly – they’re just the nicest guys ever. And they’re hilarious like I’m in stitches every time I’m with them. I don’t think they mean to be that funny but together they just make me laugh.

Any plans to come to Singapore?

I would love to come out to Singapore honestly when lockdowns over. The first thing I want do go is just to travel all around Asia, and I promise I will be coming to Singapore first.

Who is your biggest musical inspiration?

Honestly, my biggest musical inspiration changes all the time. I always say I love Taylor Swift and her songwriting. Julia Michaels, Lorde and Haim. But yeah, it always it always changes.

What instruments can you play?

I play guitar very badly, I play piano moderately badly, and then I feel like singing counts as an instrument – so I sing as well.

Did writing 1,000,000 X Better make you feel 1,000,000 times better?

It did made me like I said because the HONNE guys (Andy & James) are just the funniest guys to be around so I always feel a million times better when I’m with them. That’s so cheesy.

How did the collaboration with HONNE come about?

So they basically DM-ed me back in December. And I was really starstruck and didn’t really know what to say. I didn’t even realise they were from London and I just said, if you’re ever in London, I’d love to work (with you). And then they were like, yeah, we live here. And so the next week we got in the studio and yeah.

Dream collaborator?

My dream collaborator changes literary everyday but I think I would love to write with Jack Antonoff who kind of did all of Lorde’s first album? I think he did a lot of 1989 for Taylor Swift and a lot of Lana Del Rey too. So, yeah, he’s a legend.

What’s your favourite track you have recorded?

I think my favourite song I’ve ever released is one called “Sound of Your Voice”. I produced it here at home and I wrote it by myself. And yeah, it’s just a fun song so if you don’t know it, go listen to it!

What is 1,000,000 X Better about?

It’s about I think we can all have really low moments and like dips in our mental health or like bad days or bad weeks. And it’s kind of just about, no matter how low you’re feeling, there’s always that one person who as soon as you’re around them, you just feel a million times better.

Huge shout out to our friends at Warner Music Singapore for making all this interview with Griff possible.

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