From the Team / 24 August 2017

Nate Smith Performs at Swee Lee KL and SG

The artist: Nate Smith

Renowned for: Jazz and R&B drumming, infused with deep grooves and melodic bite.

Credits: Dave Holland, Chris Potter, Claudia Acuña, Betty Carter, Michael Jackson.

The rundown: hosting Nate at Swee Lee’s Kuala Lumpur Lot 10 and Singapore Drum Shop for exclusive drum clinics, August 17th and 18th.

In one word: awesome.

Nate Smith takes his audiences on a musical journey – and at the Swee Lee clinics he did this by launching straight into two tracks from KINFOLK, his latest, soulful album.

He showed a complete command of pace and style. With delicate cymbal work. Lush brassy numbers. Bumping rhythms, syncopation and everything in-between.

We saw drum-heads nodding along. Feet tapping. Accessory work with mallets, brushes. Nate’s hands working magic on the Ludwig kit.  

Our audience wasted no time speaking up, engaged and curious for the Q&A. Questions came fast and furious, seeking Nate’s takes on structured vs. exploratory practicing, his musical influences, and advice for staying motivated. (Nate was even asked what goes through his mind when playing. Answer: he gets nervous too, but stays grounded by appreciating the joy of performing. Timeless advice from a seasoned pro.)  

There was fun, laughter, and great music all around. So be sure to check out the footage on social media, watch this space for an exclusive interview with Nate, and keep an eye out for more Swee Lee events to come!

Nate’s appearances in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur are sponsored by Ludwig and Swee Lee. All products featured in Nate Smith’s KL and SG clinics are available in stores or by request on Swee Lee Online.

Nate continues his tour to other stops in Asia, check out the tour dates on his Facebook Page.



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