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Swee Lee Masterclass: Native Instruments

Location. Kilo Lounge. Event. Native Instruments Masterclass; the first in the series of electronic music education brought to you by Swee Lee Academy.

A great turnout saw over 65 electronic music enthusiasts learn from guest artist/presenters, Mike Wolf and Oliver Osborne as they shared a full demonstration of Native Instruments’ latest additions; the Komplete Kontrol Mk2 S49 / S61 & Maschine MK3.

Mike Wolf of Sol Passion, Hong Kong’s premier DJ and production platform, ran us through the length and breadth of the new kit, sharing very exciting updates to the range. Note repeat, Touch Strips and Vocoder Live are all exciting additions to the Maschine MK3 which impressed the eager-to-learn audience.

Oliver Osborne of Eyes To The Front, a brand new Maschine user, shared his experience of integrating the new MK3 into his production workflow and even treated us to a performance, selecting people from the crowd to assist in playing in sounds live, showing us and them, just how easy you can create music on the fly.

Both shared insights into their creative processes, live and in the studio and the crowd engaged with Mike and Oliver, first with questions during their presentations, and then whilst mingling over drinks.

Competition Winner
Cravis Chang is the winner of our lucky draw and will be taking home a shiny new Komplete Kontrol S49 MK2.

So what’s the S49 all about?

The S49 MK2 has some super cool updates including high resolution colour displays, pitch and mod wheels and seamless integration with your Komplete instrument collection. Native Instruments are closing the gap between their hard and software and this kit truly is breaking down barriers, ultimately giving you, the user, much greater control. We’ve sold out the first batch even before it reached stores. Pre-order yours here.

Plenty of smiles, photos, and videos – we’ll be bringing you the best bytes from the Masterclass over the next few days. Stay tuned, and we hope to catch you at the next one!

Photos by Kyle Butcher

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