From the Team / 19 April 2017

So. Much. New. Gear.

So many great new products have arrived at Swee Lee this week, it’s hard to know where to start (or stop, for that matter!) But we’ve been very strict with ourselves and picked out our favourite four. So here goes. Let’s start with something very special indeed…

Fender Custom Shop Todd Krause Masterbuilt “The Last Waltz” Stratocaster

This is a masterful recreation of a truly iconic guitar; Robbie Robertson’s bronze-dipped Strat from The Band’s farewell gig—The Last Waltz. In the 1970s, guitars from the 50s and 60s weren’t the collector’s items they are today. In fact, they were often used for quite radical experiments and hot-rodding. Robbie Robertson’s 1954 Stratocaster certainly saw a lot of experimentation. A former Tele player, he found that the Strat’s middle pickup sometimes got in the way of his playing, so he simply removed it, replacing it with a left-handed version next to the regular bridge pickup. He also loved the knurled knobs on his old Telecasters, so out went the ‘regular’ Stratocaster knobs, too. And finally, he had the whole guitar dipped in liquid bronze, giving it a unique sound—and weight! Todd Krause and the Fender Custom Shop have now replicated this amazing guitar and we’re honoured to have one piece available in Singapore. If you’d like the chance to play it (or own it, of course), please contact

New Arrivals from Robert Keeley Engineering

Keeley Electronics are already famous for the amazing range of sounds their pedals can create. The latest arrivals at Swee Lee include the “Wall of Fuzz” offered by the Loomer, the classic reverb sounds of the Abbey Chamber Verb, the vintage 80’s rack chorus sounds of the Dyno My Roto pedal, the dynamic, tripped-out wah sounds of the Neutrino Envelope Filter, the dynamic flange and phase sounds of the Bubble Tron and the incredible, subtle, overdriven sounds of the the Super Phat Mod. Check out our lineup of Keeley pedals. Somewhere in their amazing range, ‘your’ sound is waiting…

Roland RD-2000 88 Key Stage Piano

Once again, Roland has raised the bar for stage pianos with the RD-2000. Its two powerful sound engines include acoustic piano sounds based on their leading V-Piano modelling technology, as well as a library of over 1100 other sounds—including some classic electric piano tones from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. The RD-2000’s MIDI capability also makes it easy to connect to your favourite DAW, or use the keyboard as a MIDI controller. And the keyboard has an incredibly natural hammer action, too, making it a joy to play. This is the new king of stage and studio!

D’Addario Beatles Accessories

Love the Beatles? Silly question, of course you do, right? D’Addario have brought out a range of accessories that allow you to show your love for the Fab Four in new and inventive ways—from your guitar strap to the pick you play with. The guitar straps include Revolver, Meet The Beatles, Sgt. Pepper and Yellow Submarine designs (to name just 4), while the picks also have designs celebrating some of the best-loved Beatles albums. There are also some gorgeous guitar pick tins (complete with picks) with designs like The Beatles signature logo and Sgt. Pepper. So if you’re going to make your guitar gently weep, you can do it in style!

If you want to check out all this great new gear, head down to your nearest Swee Lee showroom, or check out the full list of new arrivals at our online store here.

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