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Swee Lee Welcomes teenage engineering

We are extremely pleased to share exciting news with all enthusiasts of music production. Swee Lee is proud to announce that we’ve brought in another revered music brand – teenage engineering.

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From beat creation to sound design, their devices have empowered music makers to explore new frontiers in music production. Let’s take a closer look at the company, their groundbreaking products, and their impact on the music industry.

teenage engineering: A History of Innovation

Founded in 2005, teenage engineering has rapidly evolved into a trailblazer in the field of music technology. The company’s devotion to creating user-friendly and ingenious products has earned them a loyal following among musicians, producers, and sound designers alike. Their range of devices covers a wide spectrum of music production needs – from drum machines to superb synthesizers.

The iconic Swedish House Mafia video for “One” prominently showcased one of teenage engineering’s most popular offerings – the OP-1. This collaboration between the iconic electronic group and Pharrell, created a lasting buzz within the music community. Even artists such as John Mayer, Deadmau5, Tame Impala, and many more have been spotted using their inspiring instruments.

Design and Creativity

What sets teenage engineering apart is its unwavering commitment to design excellence. From the iconic OP-1 to their quirky Pocket Operators, each teenage engineering device isn’t only a powerful tool for music creation – they are also statement pieces!

The Swedish company’s emphasis on blending functionality with eye-catching products has set them apart in the music industry. From their retro-sleek aesthetic and stellar usability, teenage engineering products simply have no equal.

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Swee Lee’s teenage engineering Product Lineup

Swee Lee is thrilled to offer an exciting range of teenage engineering products. Here’s a quick overview of some of the devices available right now:

teenage engineering’s Pocket Operators

The teenage engineering Pocket Operators are probably the most fun way to make music. These ultra-portable musical gizmos offer a unique and innovative approach to music production. Each device is a miniature programmable sequencer with a variety of built-in sounds and effects. The series includes various models designed for a specific purpose, ranging from drum machines and synthesizers to vocal samplers.

The Pocket Operators are all the same physical size, shape, and layout – making them easy to use. The Pocket Operators are also able to sync with each other and other synthesizers. They feature parameter locks, punch-in effects, and sequencers, allowing for real-time variation and performance effects. Being compact and small, the Pocket Operators are ideal for on-the-go music production, live shows, or impromptu recording sessions.

All teenage engineering Pocket Operators have the following features as standard across all units:

  • 16-step sequencer
  • 16 patterns
  • parameter locks
  • built-in speaker
  • 3.5mm audio I/O
  • jam sync
  • animated LCD display
  • folding stand
  • clock + alarm clock
  • battery powered (2XAAA)
  • 1-month battery life
  • 2 year standby time

Here’s a quick overview of the Pocket Operators Swee Lee has in store right now:

PO-12 Rhythm

If you’re a beat maker who’s looking for something small to noodle on, the PO-12 Rhythm is the perfect tool. The teenage engineering PO-12 Rhythm is a compact, portable drum machine and sequencer designed for creating beats. It offers:

  • real synthesised drum sounds
  • sampled drum sounds
  • 16 punch-in effects (delay, bit crusher, and filters)
  • 16 pattern chaining
  • step multiplier

PO-14 Sub

The teenage engineering PO-14 Sub is the one to get if you enjoy crafting sub-bass sounds. A compact and powerful deep bass line synthesizer the PO-14 Sub is an ideal tool for creating rich and dynamic bass lines. This portable synthesizer comes with:

  • multiple real synthesizer engines
  • 15 sounds + micro drum
  • 16 punch-in effects
  • 16 punch-in bass-oriented play styles
  • 16 pattern chaining

PO-16 Factory

If a melody-making assembly line is what you desire, the PO-16 Factory is just what you need. The teenage engineering PO-16 Factory is a compact and versatile lead synthesizer designed for creating sweet melodies. Here are some of the perks that come with it:

  • multiple real synthesizer engines
  • 15 sounds + micro drum
  • 16 punch-in effects
  • 16 punch-in arpeggio and chord play styles
  • 16 pattern chaining

PO-20 Arcade

Seeking to inject some 8-bit retro goodness into your recorded music? The PO-20 Arcade is the answer you are looking for. Taking inspiration from classic arcade units, the PO-20 Arcade is a sound synthesizer and sequencer that brings instant nostalgia. This cool synth offers:

  • synthesized arcade sounds
  • 128 chord chaining
  • 128 pattern chaining
  • 16 sounds
  • 16 punch-in effects
  • step multiplier

PO-24 Office

Ever had the urge to incorporate nineties office equipment into your music? Now you can with the PO-24 Office. A noise percussion drum machine and sequencer, the PO-24 contains actual samples of matrix tractor-style printers, old disk drives, and more. The PO-24 Office is home to:

  • sampled vintage hardware and real synthesizer engines
  • solo control
  • 128 pattern chaining
  • 16 sounds
  • 16 punch-in effects
  • step multiplier

PO-28 Robot

If you’re looking to add a unique edge to your musical ideas, the PO-28 Robot is the way to go! A generator of futuristic and robotic 8-bit sounds, this synth features:

  • real 8-bit synthesizer engines for making live and sequenced melodies and leads
  • 15 sounds + micro drum
  • live play + sequencer combo
  • 128 pattern chaining and step multiplier

PO-32 Tonic

Suffering from a lack of drum and percussion synths? The PO-32 is the tonic to your problems. A powerful and versatile drum and percussion synthesizer that offers a wide range of sonic possibilities – from classic drum sounds to experimental textures. The PO-32 features:

  • real synthesizer engines
  • unlimited sounds with Microtonic VST via data transfer functionality
  • step multiplier
  • 64 pattern chaining

Fun fact: The PO-32 is a result of a collaboration with Magnus Lidström of Sonic Charge. He’s best known as the creator of the popular virtual instrument – the Microtonic drum synth engine.

PO-33 K.O!

Get ready to be knocked out because the PO-33 K.O! is primed to blow you away. This unique and fun micro sampler is a versatile and powerful tool for capturing and modifying sounds on the go. A fresh and quirky approach to music production, the PO-33 has:

  • a microphone for sampling
  • 8 melodic sample slots
  • 8 drum slots
  • 40 seconds sample memory
  • 16 effects
  • step multiplier

PO-35 Speak

Endlessly entertaining, the PO-35 Speak promises music-making with a smile. With its built-in microphone and vocal-synthesis capabilities, the PO-35 Speak is an expressive device for creating vocal-inspired sounds and textures. Here’s what you get in the package:

  • a microphone for sampling
  • 120 seconds sample memory
  • 8 voice characters
  • 8 effects
  • transpose and change scales
  • replaceable drum sounds with Microtonic (sold separately)

teenage engineering OP-1 Field

Reworked, refined, and reborn. The OP-1 Field is teenage engineering’s flagship music workstation that builds on the legacy of the original OP-1.

Designed to be a complete mobile music-making solution, the OP-1 Field is a highly versatile and compact digital synth, sampler, and drum machine. However, unlike the original, the OP-1 Field comes with a whole host of upgrades that improve on the formula. Housed in a redesigned low-profile aluminium body, the OP-1 Field now comes standard with a built-in rechargeable battery and speaker. This makes this stellar unit the perfect music gadget for making music anytime, anywhere.

Everything on the OP-1 Field has either had a thorough makeover or has been enhanced for the best possible user experience. The colour screen? It’s now a high-resolution flush display. The internal memory? It’s been boosted. The drum kit sounds? They’re all new. We could go on but you get the drift.

One of the most talked about additions to the OP-1 comes in the form of the new “Dimension” synth engine. Joining the ten other synth engines from its predecessor, Dimension is a subtractive/analogue-style synth with a variable waveform. This means that this synth engine can change from various waveforms (from sawtooth all through to noise).

You don’t even have to worry about switching over to another operating system. The OP-1 Field is compatible with iOS, MacOS, and Windows. Thereafter, you can even use the OP-1 Field as a (Bluetooth) MIDI controller for the virtual instruments in your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) too.

With over a hundred updates from the original model, we could be here all day. So here are some noteworthy inclusions that deserve your attention:

  • stereo signal chain,
  • Bluetooth MIDI,
  • USB type-c,
  • all-new new speaker system with a passive driver,
  • built-in FM radio,
  • multiple tapes and recording formats,
  • dual 2.4 GHz antenna system
  • all-new and reworked synth engines and effects, and
  • a whole lot more you can read at teenage engineering.

The Ball’s in Your Park

teenage Engineering’s products have had a profound impact on the music industry. The brand has constantly empowered musicians to explore new sonic territories and push the boundaries of music production. From the recording studio to the stage, their devices have become essential tools for creating and producing music. Whether it’s crafting intricate drum patterns, designing unique soundscapes, or recording expressive instrumental tracks – teenage engineering gear is all you need to spice your piece of music.

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Ready to embark on a musical adventure with teenage engineering? Explore our collection of innovative music devices and elevate your music production experience. Let their gear unleash your creativity and discover a world of endless musical possibilities.

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