From the Team / 26 May 2017

May New Arrivals

Well, every week at Swee Lee is all about sound, but this week, we’ve opened the boxes to some awesome new ways to make sounds, record them, listen to them and even remix them! So let’s dig in and see what this week has brought…

Gretsch Guitars

Gretsch has been part of the music scene for decades. Over the years, some of the biggest names in music have played a Gretsch: George Harrison, Eddie Cochran, Brian Setzer, Mike Campbell from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, John Squire from the Stone Roses and, of course, Malcolm Young, who created some of rock’s most famous riffs for AC/DC on his Gretsch Jet Firebird. We’ve just taken delivery of a whole range of Gretsch guitars, including Electromatics and the very popular Streamliners, which make that Great Gretsch Sound available to everyone. We also have some new Gretsch acoustics in stock, including the Single-O Parlour and a Rancher Penguin Parlour. And for fans of the 4-string, there’s a stunning-looking Tom Petersson (Cheap Trick) Signature Falcon Bass. Pick up any one of these guitars and you’ll see and hear the quality that has made Gretsch so famous.

Jackson JS Series Guitars

Jackson guitars are a favourite of metal players everywhere. Their JS Series is an affordable, yet well-made range of guitars that put the power to shred in everyone’s hands. Featuring Jackson high-output pickups, high mass bridges for maximum sustain and stability, double locking tremolos that can take the deepest of bends and still hold their tune and gorgeous bound fingerboards with the classic Jackson “sharkfin” inlays, these guitars are built for speed and precision—at a price that makes Jackson quality accessible to anybody.

Neat Microphones

A new arrival on the recording scene, Neat make microphones that sound great—and look really different! Designed with both the professional studio musician and home recording enthusiast in mind, they include condenser mics for vocals, drums and acoustic instruments, plus quality USB microphones for blogging and home recording. They also look amazing, with the distinctive black and yellow of the ‘Bee’ series and the futuristic design of the ‘Widget’ series, which would look right at home in any house, office or passing spaceship!


Compact, portable and easy to use, Roland’s Go:Mixer is ideal for anyone who uses their smartphone for recording or filming (or both!) With inputs for up to 5 instruments or other sound sources, the Go:Mixer allows you to record top quality sound for your social media videos, giving them a much more professional feel. Even if you’re not a musician, the Go:Mixer can help make every vlog, review or tutorial sound more professional. Try it out today!

Adam Audio

OK, so after you’ve played and recorded all that great music, what’s the best way to listen to it? ADAM Audio have been creating Professional Audio speakers from their home in Berlin since 1999. The secret to their remarkable sound is something they call “X-ART” (eXtended Accelerating Ribbon Technology). This feature, still crafted by hand and painstakingly tested in their Berlin factory, creates tweeters with a transparent, defined, authentic sound. Well, that’s what they say. We just think they sound incredible! Do your ears a favour and check them out in our Bras Basah showroom soon.

So there you have it—enough new gear to give just about anyone a severe case of GAS! Check out all our latest arrivals here, or head to your nearest Swee Lee showroom soon. Somewhere out there is a new sound just waiting to be discovered.


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