Inspiration / 27 December 2017

Vinyl and the Art of Digging

Vinyl has seen a massive resurgence in recent years, and aren’t all of us just loving it! We’re thrown back to the days of drool dribbling artwork, the sensation of removing the record from its sleeve for the first time, dropping the needle, and hearing it crackle like admiring your baby for the first time; it’s an addictive habit!

Artists like DJ Shadow have put themselves on the map just by finding hidden gems, and in such an enlightening manner that it’s considered by many as an artform; and we’ll talk to you about the art of digging.

Take your time

Say goodbye to your Friday afternoon, get really comfortable and start digging. That’s the very essence record archaeology; taking your time to look through each and every record is a process to be savoured and one which will feel all worth it when you finally come across that hidden gem you’ve been looking for.

Used records

The older the vinyl is, the greater the possibility of wear-and-tear. Used records may have gone through a lot before being passed on. Check if the vinyl is clean and shiny, does it show any surface marks? Some record stores come with a listening station, so taking your vinyls for a spin first is wise. Nobody wants a record that skips through your favourite guitar solo.

Have a conversation

Chat with staff, or with fellow customers – talk to them about your style and tastes and ask them for recommendations. This will not only save you time, but you could unearth some classics you didn’t know were there.

Watch the year

The golden age of Hip Hop is usually cited between the 1980s and 1990s. This is a great place to start for Hip Hop fans. Do some research before heading down to the record store and find out about the glory years of your favourite genre. Classic albums have a nice way of retaining their value.

The cheap shelves

Should you bother with cheap records? Yes. Therein actually, lies the beauty of digging. Just make sure you check the quality and give them a test before purchase. Some of the best finds you’ll make are at the times when you least expect it.

Happy digging.

If you have a Friday afternoon to waste, dig through the brand new crates at Swee Lee’s store at The Star Vista and take them for a spin at the listening stations. You may be surprised at just what you unearth!

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