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What’s Inside The Komplete Suite of Virtual Instruments?

As any experienced music producer will tell you, the wealth of instruments and possibilities at our fingertips today in comparison to 20 years ago is simply mind-blowing. It’s hard to believe that 1999 was the year that the very first software plug-in was released, but the innovation of virtual instruments is one which has become a staple necessity for bedroom producers globally and is often taken for granted.

While virtual instruments may well make the purists recoil, the fact is that the lines between hardware and software continue to blur and in some cases merge. Virtual instruments are becoming increasingly difficult to spot and are improving exponentially, offering producers more opportunities to express themselves than ever before, all from their laptops.

Komplete 11 is a perfect example. Offering 45 products, over 13,000 sounds and over 155 GB of instruments and effects, it’s easy to see why it’s the world’s leading production suite. Here’s a quick rundown of some our favourite parts of what’s inside…

Reaktor 6

What is it? – Reaktor 6 is a modular synth that offers limitless flexibility and possibilities as you patch all of the elements of the rack to your precise and exact requirements. Choose as many filters, LFOs, sequencers and oscillators as you need and patch them all virtually to create sounds which are truly your own. There’s even a Reaktor community online where you can access user created patches from around the world and share your own creations.

Una Corda

What is it? – The Una Corda is a handcrafted instrument. A piano with a distinctive soft sound which was created by piano maker and craftsman David Klavins in collaboration with the renowned composer and musician Nils Frahm. After it was built, the piano was fully recorded and sampled in intimate detail giving you the opportunity to play the same sounds at home or in your studio, with your midi controller.

Session Guitars Strumming Acoustic

What is it? – the result of a collaboration between a lecturer and the University of Music in Munich, David Schultz and composer and sound engineer, Samuel Dalferth. Strumming Acoustic is a 100% pure acoustic guitar sound which emulates a real session guitarist using ‘musical intelligence’ technology. They had to develop a software capable of analysing the exact positions and volumes of played strokes including chords, pitches, voicing, tempos and patterns and took millions of data sets and structured them into a virtual instrument that sounds like an authentic, real-time performance.

India Discovery Series

What is it? – The India Discovery Series features sampled percussive instruments and sounds with a vast library of rhythms at your fingertips. With controls for groove, feel and intensity you can instantly change the depth, rhythmic precision and dynamics of an entire band of drummers. There’s an inbuilt groove player too which makes the sophisticated rhythms and complex time signatures easy to understand whatever level you are at, so you can concentrate on what sounds good and inject a little bit of timeless tradition into your music.

Now you can purchase any Komplete 11 upgrades or Komplete 11 Ultimate upgrades at a 50% discount with any purchase of these Native Instrument products, and we are happy to share this with you as the exclusive retailer for the region.

We’ve shared only 4 of the instruments and effects out of a massive 155GB worth, so do be sure to check out the full package and take advantage of this amazing offer before it’s over.

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