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What’s New with the Native Instruments Maschine Mk3?

Native Instruments’ Maschine MK3 has emerged all polished and spruced; a sleeker and more intuitive improvement to its predecessors. For our Native Instruments Masterclass on the 7th October, Mike Wolf of Sol Passion, Hong Kong’s premier DJ and production platform, took it to the purpose-built stage of Kilo Lounge in Tanjong Pagar, before educating the crowd on the lengths and breadths of the new kit.

Mike shared some very exciting updates to the hardware, and in true #ICYMI (In case you missed it) fashion, we’ll guide you through a few of our 8 favourite Maschine MK3 updates below:

Preset Functionality

CHANGING UP: You can now switch between your preset functionalities at the push of a button, directly on the device.

Switching from Pad Mode to your Keyboard, for example, allows you to improvise much faster; whether you’re performing live, or warming up your creative juices at practice.

Note Repeat

PLAY IT ON REPEAT: Creating fills, build ups and increasing pressure in your tracks has never been easier.

With the push of a (now larger) button, you can have your note repeats integrated seamlessly into your performances.


A STROKE OF LOCK: The new Lock Mode takes a snapshot of your existing parameters so you have the ability to redefine new ones.

Hit the button, tweak away at your settings to find yourself a good build-up or breakdown, then hit the button again to go back to your sound.

Touch Strips

KEEP IN TOUCH: The MK3 comes with the in-built Smart Strip for easier pitch-bending and modulating on the fly.

This touch strip is a really fun addition to the kit which also saves a lot of time tweaking knobs, or drawing automation in as you go. Dare to go further with sonic textures, or strum your samples, synths as you would a real guitar, it really does allow you to unleash creativity and feel the sound at your fingertips.

Perform FX

TO MAXIMUM FX: Perform FX on the Maschine MK3 gives you bigger and bolder FX options.

Coupled with the Smart Strip, you’re now able to work in greater builds and transitions with advanced performance FX like stutter and scratch.

Preview Library

SNEAK PREVIEW: Like its predecessors, the MK3 comes wide a wide array of samples. 8GBs to be precise! Samples, one-shots, presets, drum kits, sound banks and preloaded kits which means you can get a great sound from the get go and even start with a pre-built track to kick start some inspiration.


THE VOICE OF REASON: The Vocoder returns with the MK3, adding that often much needed extra layer to any of your tracks.

Get through the otherwise complex battle of synths, and just sing directly into a mic input with the vocoder setting on. It’s very simple to use and great way to humanize your tracks. Even if you’re not the best singer, give it a go, you’ll be surprised what this often overlooked and underrated feature can do!


DRAG & DROP: Use your MK3 to create full tracks or as an idea engine. With the simple task of dragging & dropping, you can not only drag full tracks across to your libraries and into Traktor, but you can do the same with loops, elements of a track or maybe some stems you’ve made. Native Instruments are giving you so much creative freedom with this update, we hope you will have as much fun playing around with it as we have.

To pre-order a Maschine MK3, drop us an email at

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