Local Artist Spotlight / 27 September 2017

Live & Local: Local Motion Festival

We were fortunate enough to head along to 4Fingers and eatmepoptart’s Local Motion Festival to catch some of the best local bands playing at Fort Canning. From Jasmine Sokko debuting her brand new EP to Disco Hue playing one of their biggest sets yet, here is what we saw at Local Motion Festival.



Hauste kickstarted the festival, introducing the audience to a new breed of instrumental rock featuring an unlikely hero- the glockenspiel. The band flicked from intense moments of energy on stage to deftly unveiling beautifully intricate melodies thanks to the unique sonic charm of the glockenspiel.

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Lost Weekend

Lost Weekend doubled down on Hauste’s festival-opening set and slowly crept from lighter tracks like “Morning” to closing their set with bombastic dynamics. Simply put, Lost Weekend churned out indie-pop tunes to keep the crowd bopping and dancing. Their newer songs have become some of our favourites and we’re excited by the direction they’re taking.

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Bakers in Space

Bakers in Space turned the tide of the festival, digging down with their thick psychedelic soundscapes. Huge riffs, fervent beats, juicy bass lines and impassioned vocals were featured throughout their set, seeing Eugene feed and grow on the crowd’s reactions to their new brand of indie rock. Their intricate method guitar layering solidifies their signature sound thanks to their unique blend of flanger swirls, reverb splashes and deep space delays. As Local Motion Festival emcee Elias Soh (formerly of Lush FM) aptly put, they are “one of the best bands in the world”, and we couldn’t agree more.

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Jasmine Sokko

Jasmine Sokko chose Local Motion Festival as her platform to release her brand new EP No. Taking to the stage in front of a sea of adoring Singaporean fans, Jasmine Sokko grabbed the mic and sung her heart out, nailing each and every note in her newer tracks“600D” and “H20”. Crowd favourite “1057” also celebrated its first anniversary during Local Motion Festival, but it was her latest single, “Porcupine”, that really stood out during her set. It was clear that the crowd was loaded with Jasmine Sokko fans as they danced and sung along to her tunes, thankful that she packed a vibrant dance atmosphere for all to enjoy.

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Disco Hue

As the last band of the day, Disco Hue were faced with the monumental task of matching and exceeding the energy from the sets that preceded theirs. Their set more than hit the mark thanks to the strong grooves contained by their tracks “Gotta Find You”, “Saturday Noise” and their recent dance-pop anthem, “I’ll Be Waiting”. Lead singer Sherlyn was in awe as the crowd belted out the lyrics to their Disco Hue favourites, and you could tell the band appreciated the local support from start to finish.

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Promoter and legendary local DJ eatmepoptart helped close out the main stage of Local Motion Festival with a long list of karaoke classics. From “Wake Me Up When September Ends” to the epic “Bohemian Rhapsody”, eatmepoptart got one of the biggest reactions of the night, seeing every single attendee grabbing a friend and singing along to The Killers classic, “Mr. Brightside”.

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Photos by Kyle Butcher.
Words by Ashwin Rao.

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