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Introducing The Sheeran Looper Pedals

Ed Sheeran with the Sheeran Looper X

In the world of music, innovation and creativity are key elements that drive artists to push boundaries and explore new horizons. So what if we told you we’ve just got the latest and greatest pieces of gear that can boost your musical inspiration?

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Introducing the Sheeran Looper + and Sheeran Looper X, revolutionary looper workstations designed to elevate your songwriting and live performances to the next level. Developed collaboratively by Headrush and Ed Sheeran, the Sheeran Looper pedals embody a perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and intuitive design.

The Sheeran Looper +

If you’re new to the looping game, the Sheeran Looper + is the best place to start. A cutting-edge dual-track looper pedal designed to be a user-friendly gateway into the world of music layering, the Sheeran Looper + features refinements inspired by Ed Sheeran’s very own looping workflow. 

Here’s an overview of what the Sheeran Looper + is all about.

Two Pedals = Limitless Possibilities

Experience the power of the Sheeran Looper + with its precision-engineered hardware and firmware that offers seamless control over track recording, overdubbing, playback, and more. Boasting premium die-cast aluminium pedals and a vibrant 1.8” colour screen with an RGB LED loop status ring for real-time performance feedback, this pedal is as intuitive as it is durable.

You can also enhance your looping experience with additional accessories too. Simply connect external footswitches or MIDI controllers for added functionality like soloing, muting tracks, and special playback effects.

Different Looper Modes for Versatility

Ed Sheeran with the Sheeran Looper +

Looping doesn’t have to be done in only one way with the Sheeran Looper +. Unleash your creativity with these four distinct looper modes:

  • Single Mode: Create limitless layers on a single track.
  • Multi-Mode: Build tracks with two synchronized loops.
  • Sync Mode: Create two tracks with different lengths that are in automatic sync.
  • Song Mode: Craft independent song sections with two tracks of the same and differing lengths.

Save & Share Your Loops

Never miss a moment of inspiration with the Sheeran Looper +. With over 3 hours of onboard storage, this pedal allows you to store up to 128 loops with ease. Additionally, you can seamlessly transfer loops to your computer via USB for effortless sharing and collaboration.

Loop On-the-Go

Take your music anywhere with the Sheeran Looper +. A single set of AA batteries gives you enough juice for over 6 hours of continuous looping – more than enough for your standard gig. Alternatively, power it with a standard 9V pedalboard supply or via a USB cable for added convenience.

Well Connected

Stay connected with the Sheeran Looper + featuring versatile connectivity options including XLR and 1/4” inputs for instruments and microphones, MIDI input for external control, footswitch inputs, and USB port for recording and loop transfer.

Record and Stream Via USB

Expand your reach and share your music effortlessly by using the Sheeran Looper + as a USB audio interface when connected to your computer. Record in your favourite DAW or stream your live performances to a global audience – the choice is yours.

With its advanced features, intuitive design, and exceptional audio quality powered by HeadRush® DSP technology, the Sheeran Looper + is a game-changer for musicians at any level. Elevate your looping experience and unleash your creativity with this next-generation looper pedal.

The Sheeran Looper X

The Sheeran Looper X isn’t just another looper pedal – it’s a comprehensive tool that empowers musicians of all genres to unleash their creativity like never before. Boasting Ed Sheeran’s signature multi-track looper workflows, this powerhouse device contains a plethora of neat and nifty features that make this the ultimate in creating musical layers.

Intrigued? Read on to see all the things the Sheeran Looper X can do.

Professional Grade Hardware

The Sheeran Looper X sets a new standard in build quality with its stadium-grade hardware. Featuring 8 precision-engineered foot pedals crafted from automotive aluminium alloy and a robust steel chassis, this incredible looper is designed to last. The contoured side panel profiles are also decked out with a titanium grey satin finish – a design choice reminiscent of Ed Sheeran’s acoustic guitar range with Lowden Guitars.

It’s Under Control

Navigating through the features of the Sheeran Looper X is effortless thanks to its ultra-responsive 7” multi-touch display and 360° navigation wheel. The user-friendly interface allows for quick access to advanced looping functions, track controls, and performance modes. With tactile input and output volume controls, adjusting your mix on the fly becomes a breeze. Talk about having a smooth and dynamic performance every time.

Loop Without Limits

Ed Sheeran with the Sheeran Looper X

Get ready to experience limitless creativity with the Sheeran Looper X. Unlike most loopers, this extremely capable unit can record up to four stereo looper tracks in a single session without any restrictions on loop lengths. With internal HD storage for over seven hours of audio and expandable external storage options, you have the freedom to capture endless musical ideas. Advanced algorithmic features such as tap tempo, automatic tempo detection, and loop importing further enhance your looping experience.

Creative Looper Modes

The Sheeran Looper X is probably the most comprehensive looper on the market. Don’t believe us? Here is a breakdown of the five innovative looper modes offered by the Sheeran Looper X:

  • Multi-Mode: Build tracks with 4 synchronised loops for a stadium-stage workflow.
  • Sync Mode: Create dynamic arrangements with 4 tracks automatically staying in sync.
  • Song Mode: Organize independent song sections with 4 tracks.
  • Band Mode: Combine 3 independent song sections with 1 global track for versatile performances.
  • Free Mode: Unleash your creativity with 4 unsynchronised tracks for ambient soundscapes.

Professional FX Engine from HeadRush

Looping isn’t the only thing you can do with this looper. Enhance your sound with a comprehensive array of individual and multi-FX processor chains available on the Sheeran Looper X. Elevate your loops with premium effects tailored to enrich your musical creations and elevate your performances to new heights.

Connections Galore

The Sheeran Looper X offers a wide range of connectivity options that’ll fit the bill for any performance scenario. Its rear I/O doesn’t only deliver top-notch audio quality – it also provides unparalleled flexibility to adapt to your live or studio setup seamlessly. 

The Sheeran Looper X is equipped with 4 combo XLR+1/4” inputs that support dynamic/condenser microphones and instruments with switchable phantom power. There are also 2 XLR and 2 1/4” main outputs that can be fully customized using the touchscreen audio routing matrix. 

Additionally, the Sheeran Looper X features a 1/4” TRS expression pedal input for external control of functions and FX patches, a 1/4” headphones output, and a 1/8” aux input. The inclusion of a 5-pin MIDI input and output allows for MIDI sync integration and external feature control, while USB-A and SD storage inputs, along with a class-compliant USB-audio interface mode, enable direct audio streaming to your Mac or PC.

If you’re in the market for a looper pedal or simply looking to up your music game, the Sheeran Looper pedals are your best bet. Whether it’s exploring new sonic landscapes or unlocking your full creative potential, these stompboxes make music creation and ideation a whole lot more fun and entertaining.

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