Local Artist Spotlight / 30 August 2017

Live & Local: Vivienne’s Verdict Perform At Red Dot

Performing a single 30 minute set filled with intense action, energy, stage banter and music can be quite daunting for some bands, but three half hour performances, all on the same day? That’s a challenge that many would think twice before attempting to conquer.

Vivienne’s Verdict didn’t shy away in the face of this trial, instead doubling down on their on-stage intensity to deliver a series of awe-inspiring sets at the Esplanade Outdoor theater on August 5th. The extended show was part of the Red Dot August festival, which was one of the key arts offerings celebrating Singapore’s 52nd birthday.

The band, led by Kurenai on vocals and Jay’s potent guitar riffing, introduced the drifting Esplanade audience to their music, catching their attention with their mix of visceral rock and exquisite harmonies. Vivienne’s Verdict started their set with Jay’s sinister electronic intro to “Block the Sun” blazing into the chorus with Fiq’s shredding lead guitars and Reuben adding thundering low end on bass and singing backing vocals that hyped up the crowd. Jasper pounded the drums hard filling the entire outdoor theater with might as the five-piece stormed through the set with their latest single “Hurricane” blowing the audience away and ending each of their 3 sets with their hit track “Monster”.

You can listen to Vivienne’s Verdict’s latest single, “Hurricane”, via all major streaming services.

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