Local Artist Spotlight / 30 October 2017

Live & Local: A Thriller at Haw Par Villa

Singapore’s Halloween festivities took a turn for the strange over the weekend, seeing Noise Invasion Festival transform the quirky Haw Par Villa into a music destination showcasing local talent. From the participants of the Noise “New VS Old” songwriting workshop that matched analog and digital songwriting techniques, to the internationally acclaimed Batucada band Wicked Aura, Invasion Fest delivered a diverse set amidst a flurry of horror-themed punters and local craft beer to boot.

Din’s List

The first of the “New VS Old” participants, Din’s List delivered their first single “To The Light” to a receptive crowd. Aqid rocked out on his Fender Jazz Bass, underpinning Din’s List’s explosive entry into the vibrant Singapore music scene.


Brandon cut from deft keywork on his Alesis VX49 to drumming the drop on his Alesis Samplepad Pro, wowing the audience and showcasing just how powerful the one-man electronic act is in today’s era.

Kyla T

Kyla came to Invasion Festival with her track ready to roll over the speakers, leaving her to focus on her intricate melodies and deep vocals.


Clement performed two tunes about everyday life in Singapore. It was beautiful to hear his honest and raw take on Sungei flea market closure, and it impacted accordingly.


Rounding out the five chosen representatives of the New VS Old songwriting workshop, Valiantes picked up the acoustic guitar to perform a more pop-based track with a cajon to round out his bright sound.

Axel Brizzy

Axel Brizzy laid the groundwork for the festival’s main lineup, throwing down lines and carrying his own brand of Singaporean rap swagger for the ever-growing crowd. The heat and warm lighting didn’t slow him down as he tore around the Haw Pa Villa amphitheatre while the sun set above.

Sam Rui

Building on from Axel Brizzy’s set of electronic beats, Sam Rui stormed the stage with her performing partner-in-crime Fauxe to take the festival downtempo for a moment. Her set included choice cuts such as “Boys” and “Better” from her recent LP Season 2 along with a few covers thrown in for taste. Fauxe built the soundscapes Sam Rui flawlessly sung over with the help of a Roland SP404SX and Pioneer DJM 900 series mixer.


M1ldl1fe, formerly known as Take Two, returned the festival to the traditional rock band setup. Sounding like British indie-pop legends such as The Kooks and Two Door Cinema Club, and performing just as well, the band took to the stage amidst a crowd screaming for their favourite M1ldl1fe songs to be played. The band didn’t disappoint, and their signature sound was on display thanks to the use of their Telecasters- namely their Fender Cabronita Telecaster and Fender Offset Telecaster.

Wicked Aura

Up next was Wicked Aura, the veteran Batucada band. Returning from Japan, the band delivered a thunderous set loaded with drums and face paint dripping off their face. You could hear the whole stage rumble with the pounding of the percussion, sending frontman Idham Budiman into a frenzy. The 13-man band was a collective force, unleashing a fireball of energy that pulled the crowd onto their feet to groove along to their music.

Amateur Takes Control

Amateur Takes Control are one of Singapore’s bands that everyone clamours to see live. Their sets are rare and elusive, so people didn’t hesitate to see the Post-Rockers live when they were announced as the final act of Invasion Festival. Their sound was huge as their hype, and they delivered the thickest soundscapes of the night. The band rocked out on their Fender gear, closing out a hugely successful festival in one of Singapore’s strangest landmarks.

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