Local Artist Spotlight / 13 June 2017

Swee Lee Live and Local: Hard Rock Rising Battle of the Bands

Rock’s not dead.

That sound you can hear isn’t a death rattle—it’s a drum roll. A dramatic intro to the vibrant, energetic sound of a new wave of Singapore music. And the Hard Rock Rising “Battle of the Bands” was a great showcase for seven of the groups at the centre of this musical uprising.

The Intimate Friends, Lula The Magic Queen, Gilded Edge, Trust the Chaos, Sensorial, Faraday and Finding Jane; one after another they rattled the hallowed rafters of the Hard Rock Cafe on Cuscaden Road.

Faraday emerged the eventual victors, with Gilded Edge the runners-up. But watching the way every band not only committed 100% onstage but also hung out and supported the other acts, the Singapore music scene was the real winner. It’s more than just alive and kicking—it has a swagger in its step and a shedload of attitude.

For the Facebook album with more photos, click here.