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Dads, It’s Never Too Late to Live Your Rockstar Dreams

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and it can sometimes be tough to buy the perfect gift for dad. Naturally, we’d tell you to give the gift of music! And we believe that a beautiful way to honour dads is to help them realise their musical dreams. Because it’s… Read more

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Vinyl Titles are 10% Off for a Limited Time

We love shopping online as much as the next person... but there's a unique satisfaction to properly digging through vinyl. And we're happy to say that once again you can come into our flagship store at The Star Vista to browse our selection in person once again. To celebrate, we've… Read more

Darren Teh An Honest Mistake Pop Punk Pedal Feature Walrus Audio TC Electronic Guitar Pedals MONO Pedal board Marshall Amp
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Pedal Talk with Darren Teh of An Honest Mistake

Darren Teh is an honest guy. As we chat before the interview, he's about as candid as can be while talking about his gear, the music industry and everything in between. So it isn’t a surprise to us that the name of his pop-punk band, An Honest Mistake (AHM), seems… Read more

Strymon Swee Lee Ask Me Anything Iridium Compadre DSP Pedal Amp Simulator
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Pondering Pedals: 10 Questions with Strymon Engineering

The good people at Strymon have been very busy in 2020. After releasing their critically-acclaimed Iridium amp & cab simulator, they've wasted no time resting on their laurels with the unveiling of the new Compadre boost & compressor pedal. The new pedal has definitely piqued our interest and who better… Read more

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Learn a New Instrument: Drums and Percussions

If stringed instruments aren’t exactly up your alley, there’s always the boisterous world that is drums and percussions.  The oldest known musical instruments known to man have made leaps and bounds today – modern percussion is as wide-ranging as they come with more types of drum and percussion instruments that… Read more


WIN A GUITAR: Design Your Teisco Pedal and Win a Heritage H-150

Teisco is launching a pedal design contest with one lucky winner walking away with a Heritage H-150 in an iconic Dirty Lemon Burst worth USD 2,499. Time to get drawing. Read more

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Inside the Mind of a Producer, Composer & Artist: Shereen Cheong on What Musicians Should Know

If you have been paying close attention to the local and international music scene over the past few years, you might have noticed Shereen Cheong making some pretty substantial waves. Based in New York, Shereen is graduate of the prestigious Berklee College of Music and currently wears multiple hats as… Read more

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Studio Monitor Advice from a Top Mix Engineer

One of the silver linings during this difficult period is the fact everyone's finding new and creative ways to stay productive at home. Producing music at home. for example, is really having a moment right now. Music production requires specific equipment and has its own set of rules. One of… Read more

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Rasyid of Wormrot’s Vinyl Picks

The vanguard of the metal movement in Singapore, Wormrot has been shaking stages all over the world since their inception in 2007. Rasyid Juraimi is the guitarist and one of the founding members of the band. As the bringer of some of the heaviest riffs on this island, we decided… Read more

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Jeremy Zucker Answers Your Questions

You might know New Jersey-based singer-songwriter Jeremy Zucker from his 'comethru' fame. Maybe you were one of the lucky few who got to meet him in Malaysia last year. Well, last week we were lucky enough to have Jeremy Zucker agree to answer anything on our Instagram page. So we turned… Read more