From the Team / 6 August 2020

Celebrating 55 Years of Singapore with 55 Products

Our nation celebrates 55 years in a few days and we’re celebrating this special day in the best way we know: music!

To mark Singapore’s 55th birthday, we’ve picked out 55 products for you. What’s special about them? They are part of our National Day 8% Special Collection which is dropping tomorrow – from 7 Aug, til 10 Aug 2020, take a 8% discount off any items in this collection.

Take a sneak peek at our National Day 8% Special Collection with these 55 musical products.

Acoustic Guitars & Ukuleles

Taylor GS Mini-e Koa Acoustic Guitar w/Bag

One of the best selling Taylors just got a whole better. With a Polynesian inspired aesthetic and build, the Taylor GS Mini-e is probably the best acoustic we’ve ever tried in its price range.

Ibanez EWP14WB-OPN Piccolo Acoustic Guitar w/Bag, Open Pore Natural

An ukulele sized guitar or a guitar-esque ukulele? Whichever side you fall into, you can’t deny that the Ibanez EWP14WB-OPN Piccolo is a fun and great sounding instrument for both the studio and the beach.

Cort Earth-Mini-OP Acoustic Guitar w/Bag, RW Neck, Open Pore

Small in size but big in tone. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned guitarist, you’d want to bring this Cort Earth-Mini OP wherever you go.

Cort ADMINI-M-OP-W Acoustic Guitar w/Bag, Mahogany

Another downsized guitar, this time ¾ sized, the Cort AD Mini M features and open pore finish for an even more resonant tone and response.

Fender Venice Soprano Ukulele, Walnut FB, Natural

Made with Venetian inspiration, the Fender Venice Soprano Ukulele is the perfect instrument to strum across the streets and boardwalks of the city.

Cort AC100 Classical Guitar w/Bag, Open Pore

Designed to play nice with those just starting out, the Cord AC100 classical guitar balances playability with excellent tone, and it’s got a killer price tag, too!

Electric Guitars & Bass

Squier Bullet Stratocaster Hardtail Electric Guitar, Laurel FB, Fiesta Red

A very perfect first guitar for the Strat lover, in a brilliant red! Cop the sounds of your guitar heroes with Squier’s Bullet Stratocaster Hardtail.

Epiphone Les Paul Special VE Electric Guitar, Vintage Worn Vintage Sunburst

No frills, no fuss, just straight up good tone and playability to get you off the blocks. The Epiphone Les Paul Special is a great introduction to the Les Paul at a great price.

Squier Affinity Series Telecaster Guitar, Maple Neck, 2-Tone Sunburst

Built around an alder body – just like their higher-end counterparts – the Affinity Series Tele has got all the right ingredients for the classic sound and feel that’s been loved for decades.

Squier Affinity Jazz Bass Guitar, Laurel FB, Slick Silver

It won’t take long to hear a Jazz bass on the radio waves. A sound so versatile, a tone so timeless, you’d be hard pressed to find a bass better to start with!

Effect Pedals & Pedalboards

TC Electronic 3rd Dimension Chorus Guitar Effects Pedal

Love the chorused guitar tones of the 80s? You may remember a certain knob-less chorus pedal from the era that’s a tough one to cop, but TC Electronic have recreated its legendary sounds at an unbeatable price with their 3rd Dimension Chorus pedal.

BOSS RC-10R Rhythm Loop Station Pedal

A looper to experiment with in your bedroom is very different from a looper optimised for slick performances on stage, and this is just what BOSS have set out to do with the RC-10R.

Teisco Distortion Pedal

A knob that says MORE and a switch that says MUSCLE. You guessed it right – British-inspired dirt with extra brute force on tap, in that pretty purple enclosure that just screams Teisco.

Strymon BigSky Reverb Guitar Effects Pedal

Strymon call the BigSky a multidimensional reverb pedal. Whatever it means to you, it’ll just take care of ALL your reverb needs, no matter how crazy you’d want it to be. 

Strymon Ojai Power Supply

Compact and convenient – the Ojai is the perfect power supply for small portable boards. Don’t let its size fool you though, the Ojai is a silent that delivers a large amount of power to your pedals without breaking a sweat.

Voodoo Lab Pedal Power X4, 230V

A professional isolated power supply at a bargain price? It’s not the work of magic, it’s just Voodoo.

MONO Pedalboard Rise+, Black

Everyone deserves a raise, even your pedals. Augment the height of your pedals for an easier-to-access playing position so you can say goodbye to those awkward one legged tap dancing on stage.

koda essential Pedalboard Soft Case TWO w/ Free Pedalboard

A pedalboard case that comes with a free pedalboard? Talk about having your cake and eating it too.


Ibanez STX5E Multi Guitar Stand for 5 (Solidbody guitars)

A great multi guitar stand is something you shouldn’t be without. Have you guitars always on the ready and quickly accessible with the Ibanez STX5E Multi Guitar Stand for 5.

MONO Vertigo Acoustic Guitar Case, Black

Military grade materials for music making mechanism. The MONO Vertigo Acoustic Guitar Case offers extreme protection and the ultimate in portability. You should never leave home without it.

Elixir 11002 Nanoweb 80/20 Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings 10-47

Durable acoustic strings that retain their tone for a lot longer than your average brand – Elixir strings will help you sound fresher for a good long while.

Taylor Guitar Dehumidifier Set

Excess humidity is the scourge of guitars everywhere. Protect your cherished instruments by wicking away the additional moisture with the Taylor Dehumidifier set.

MONO Stealth Alias Backpack, Black

Combining a minimalistic ethos with premium materials, the MONO Stealth Alias is sleek, stylish and ultra functional. The end result? The perfect carry for individuals who are always on the go.

koda essential Stick Bag TWO

Made for drummers who require a convenient and cost-effective manner to carry their many drumsticks around – the koda essential Stick Bag TWO.

MONO Stealth Bass Guitar Case, Black

Protection and portability. Transport you bass from place to place with the ease and peace of mind that only MONO gear can give you.

Fender Tele Cutting Board

A kitchen utensil for the musically inclined – the Fender Telecaster Cutting Board will have you dicing your ingredients to the beat.

Harmony Fretboard Conditioner, 2oz

Your fretboards need nourishment too! A slick fretboard is a joy to play on, and it’ll protect and give it some much needed moisture.

Harmony Cotton Guitar Strap, Cream

In a classy herringbone cotton fabric and antique brass hardware, Harmony’s guitar straps exude a sense of old world charm, all while keeping your guitar slung comfortably.

D’Addario PW-AMSG-10 American Stage Instrument Cable, 10 feet

With audiophile-quality wire with custom Neutrik 1/4″ plugs, it’s no surprise these cables are built for the stage. An at such a price point, no one should ever be playing with bad cables!

Teisco Glitter Jazz Guitar Pick, 1.38mm, 6-Pick Pack

We’re sure you know and love the Jazz III pick. But what about the Jazz pick… with glitter! Of course it has to be Teisco!

Kyser KG6BCA Quick Change Capo, Black Chrome

Capos are an indispensable tool in an acoustic guitarists toolbox. Lightweight, easy-to-use, and reliable, Kyser’s Quick Change Capo have been firm favourites with many guitarists to date!

Cooperstand Duro-Pro Guitar Stand, Black

Sleek, stylish but most important ly, these fit easily into most gig bags and even the headstock compartment in hardcases. Your guitars deserve a solid platform, and Cooperstands do just that!

G7th Ultralight Classical Guitar Capo, Black

Maker of some of the highest quality capos, G7th’s Ultralight Classical Guitar Capo is built specifically for the flatter radius of the classical guitar. 


Fishman Loudbox Mini Bluetooth 60W Acoustic Guitar Amplifier, UK

Big things come from small packages with the Loudbox Mini Bluetooth Amplifier. At 60 watts and bundled together with a whole host of premium effects, we’re struggling to think of a better acoustic amplifier.

Fender Rumble 40 V3 Bass Combo Amplifier, 230V UK

True to its namesake, the Rumble is the perfect amp to get your thunderous bass lines heard throughout the land.

Marshall MG10G 10W Guitar Combo Amplifier

No tubes? No problem! The Marshall MG10G is a twin-channel tone machine that can summon classic Marshall sounds with ease.

BOSS Katana Mini – 7-watt Combo Amp

All your favourite rock tones wherever you go? Yes, with the BOSS Katana Mini you can sound like Eddie Van Halen to John Mayer any time. Just pack some batteries, take your guitar with you and you’re set!

Drums and Percussions

Evans RF12D 12inch 2-Sided Speed Workout Pad

A dual-threat practice pad that promises a low-noise and responsive practice solution – the Evans RF12D has all the surfaces you need to practice anytime, anywhere.

Vic Firth 5B American Classic Drumstick, Hickory

The Vic Firth 5B American Classic is the ultimate desert island drumstick. Made from dense and durable hickory, this quality pair will certainly outlast many other lesser drumsticks.

Roland TD-17K Drum Kit With MDSCOM Stand

The perfect kit for quiet practice without compromising on feel and sounds – the Roland TD-17K has the hardware and software to give you the most realistic drumming experience to acoustic drums without causing an uproar in your neighbourhood.

Alesis Crimson II 5-Piece Electronic Drum Kit

Drum up a storm in utter silence. The patented Alesis mesh drumheads convey incredible authentic feel and response, plus a multitude of drum kits and sounds await.

MEINL Percussion HCAJ1NT Headliner Series String Cajon, Rubber Wood

With its birch cabinet construction and birch frontplate and a fully adjustable frontplate and strings, this cajon has everything you need for traditional flamenco and so much more.

Recording and Pro Audio

IK Multimedia ILoud MTM High Resolution Compact Studio Monitor, Single

The best tiny monitors in the game? We’d yet to have heard of a monitor that comes close to the features housed within the ILoud MTM Studio Monitors.

Audio-Technica AT-LP60XBT Fully Automatic Wireless Belt-Drive Turntable, White

Looking for your first turntable? The Audio-Technica AT-LP60XBT Fully Automatic Wireless Belt-Drive allows you to get the high-fidelity sounds of vinyl without the need to severely tighten your belt.

BandLab Link Analog Mini Audio Interface

The best beginner interface on the market? We certainly think so! With the Link Analog Mini, music recording is as simple and accessible as it has ever been.

Akai Professional MPC Live Mk 2 Standalone Sampler and Sequencer

Once again, Akai Professional has completely changed the sampler game. Take inspiration from any sound and make music anywhere.

Shure SM58 Vocal Dynamic Microphone

Quality, consistency, and durability – all key tenets that Shure have followed to make the SM58 the default choice for handheld mic on stages worldwide.

Shure SM57 Instrument Dynamic Microphone

The SM57 is one of the most popular mics in the music industry – and for good reason too. Dubbed as the world’s most versatile microphone, you can find them in studio and live venues recording every possible sound source imaginable.

Marshall Major III Bluetooth Headphones, Black

Ditch the wires and up the rockstar factor with Marshall’s Major III Bluetooth Headphones. 

Blue Microphones The Pop Universal Windscreen

Want to stand out from the rest during your Zoom meetings, podcasts, live streams? You need a pop filter to screen out those annoying plosives. And Blue Microphones have an easy-to-use, durable one which go perfectly with their mics and more.

K&M Extendable Table Mic Stand 3/8inch, Black

For many of us, our stage is now at our desks! Industry leaders in mic stands and many other stage accessories, K&M is your best bet for a reliable table mic stand.

M-Audio Code 49 Black USB MIDI Controller With X/Y Pad

Take full control over your DAW with M-Audio’s Code 49 Black USB MIDI Controller that’s packed with features like the 49-note semi-weighted keybed and myriad of faders.

Audio Technica ATH-M50x Professional Monitor Headphones

A favourite among DJs, studio engineers and casual listeners alike, the Audio Technica ATH-M50x is perfectly at home whether in the studio or on your morning commutes.

Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 (2nd Gen) 6in/6out USB Audio Interface

The red audio interface that needs no introduction. Focusrite make some of the best recording gear out there and the 6i6 is no exception.

Aston Origin Cardioid Condenser Microphone

Aston deserve every bit of hype that surrounds their Origin cardioid condenser mic, with it’s incredibly affordable price tag when you compare it to its equivalents.

And, that’s a wrap! Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for our National Day Collection at! There’s something for everyone this National Day. Here’s wishing Singapore a happy 55th birthday, and a music-filled long weekend for all our friends here in Singapore!

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