From the Team / 13 November 2019

Strings Attached: Well Played Gear x D’Addario Coffee Morning

Join us on Saturday morning, 23 November 2019, at Swee Lee Social Club with James Gay, Head Luthier at Well Played Gear for a coffee morning all about guitar set ups, strings and more.

Discover the right strings for your playing style, and answers to a whole host of other hot topics like how to maintain your strings, approach drop-tuning and troubleshoot tuning instability.

We’ll also be featuring D’Addario’s new line of XT strings with demo guitars for you to test them out on. Find out more about the new XT strings and its innovations here.

There will be TWO sessions. The first will be on acoustic guitars and the other on electric guitars.

There’ll also be freebies and coffee courtesy of Swee Lee Social Club for those who turn up:

  • First 40 to show up for each session get to enjoy a free handcrafted coffee from Swee Lee Social Club
  • All attendees who register for each session will receive a pack XT Strings (subject to availability) *You’ll need to be at the event on the day to redeem the strings.

Register for the sessions that you’re interested in attending below. Yes, you can register for both!

Session 1: Acoustic Guitar Session: 10am – 11am

Session 2: Electric Guitar/Bass Session: 11am – 12pm

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