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5 Ways to Enjoy the National Day Holiday

National Day Sales SLSG

Get those flags out for National Day is upon us! A quintessential part of the Singaporean experience, National Day sees all of us honouring our country with festivities, and of course, that well-deserved holiday.

Even if you aren’t planning for a roaring display of patriotic fervour, there are other ways to commemorate the public holidays. And let’s face it, no good celebration is complete without a hint of something music-related. Here are 5 ways you can enjoy the National Day holiday, Swee Lee style.

Shop Swee Lee’s National Day Promos

P.S. In conjunction with National Day, Swee Lee has prepared a slew of discount codes (up to $257) for you to enjoy this momentous occasion with. Simply place your order between 1 Aug 2022, 10AM, to 9 Aug 2022, 11.59PM, and we’ll send you your discount code via email once your order has been fulfilled.

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Learn how to play an instrument

There’s no better time than now to pick up an instrument of your choice and kick start your musical journey! Don’t worry, no one expects you to become a pro in a year, let alone a day. After all, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. So put your best foot forward and pick up one of these beginner-friendly lutes.

P.S. Picking up a new instrument can be overwhelming, but check out this article for some of our recommended instruments you could consider picking up. Don’t panic, we’ve got you.

Harmony Ukuleles

Harmony Foundation Series e-Sierra Tenor Ukulele, Natural Satin

A Swee Lee exclusive, Harmony’s debut range of ukuleles are the latest additions to our stores. While these beauties are undoubtedly accommodating to amateur learners, their timeless build makes them a worthy addition to any pre-established ukulele collection. The ABS model is the perfect contender for those of you taking the chance to travel the tropics during your break – their water-and-weather-resistant bodies are sturdy and won’t warp in the humidity.

For the truly prudent, consider the e-Sierra’s long-term suitability. Sweet-singing mahogany boasting an all-purpose tone, the e-Sierra also bows to modernity with an onboard electric pickup that embodies versatility. With each model coming in a trio of sizes, there’s a 4-stringed sweetheart here to please everyone.

Squier Bullet Series

Squier Bullet Stratocaster Hardtail Electric Guitar, Brown Sunburst

With their inexpensive prices and inspired designs, Squier’s lineups have become a beacon of hope amongst newer musicians. We’re particularly fond of their Bullet Stratocaster Hardtail that embodies all things S-style to a tee. While it may be a little daintier than the original, give it a quick strum and hear the quintessential Strat tone ring loud and clear through the Bullet’s three single-coil pickups. Engage the neck pickup for sizzling Texan blues, or let the bridge’s crisp, honey voice take centre stage. Once you’ve gotten the hang of things, give sound-shaping a try with the 5-way switch. Its dual onboard tone controls are a perfect starting point for experimentation. From there, there’s no stopping your potential.

Have a (responsible) house party

If you’ve got the right people in mind, then a little gathering could be just the thing to put you in a celebratory mood. You don’t need endless parades and fireworks to carouse, just some good music and good company – while still keeping safe! 

Bluetooth speakers

Bose Portable Home Speakers, Luxe Silver

Portability and connectivity are the ways of the future, and Bluetooth speakers are the best of both worlds. At just 7.5-inches tall, the Bose Portable Home Speaker looks great perched on a bookshelf or by a picnic blanket. The bottom third’s wraparound grille projects a sizeable amount of sound in all directions. At the top of the speaker sits a built-in microphone, and with Google Assistant and Alexa functionalities coded into its system, your party mixtape is just a command away!


Pioneer PLX-500 Professional Turntable, Black

You can’t have a get-together without a DJ turntable. Vinyl records have made a huge comeback over the past couple of decades, and the Pioneer PLX-500 tribute deck is the perfect enabler for your burgeoning LP collection. It borrows heavily from greats like the Technics SL-1200 with its static-balanced, S-shaped tonearm and pitch-control slider on the right. However, it still has some unique tricks up its own record sleeve. For one, its minimalistic operations are a breeze to navigate. In addition, an internal phono pre-amp gives users the option to plug directly into the standard line-level input on almost any amplifier. PC fans will also be pleased with the PLX-500’s on the spot USB-supported PC connection too.

Upgrade your wardrobe

Getting new clothes on National Day needs to become a thing. Why should festivals like Chinese New Year, Eid, and Diwali have all the sartorial fun? Make some closet space for these new threads and look good all the time.


Daydreamer Grateful Dead Space Your Face Weekend Tee

Get lost in a reverie of sound and colour with Daydreamer’s graphic T-shirts. Rep your favourite artists with the brand’s bold designs and loud prints. From classic cuts to muscle tees, there’s a fit for everyone. Vintage tapes on constant rotation in your cassette desk? That’s your cue to snap up band tees featuring Blondie, The Doors, and Janis Joplin. Forget overcrowded merch stores at noisy arenas, Daydreamer is where it’s at.


Fjallraven Kanken Laptop 15, Dahlia

Sporty yet chic, rugged yet refined – there’s just something so enticing about Fjällräven. The 1978 brand’s hard-wearing, lightweight Vinylon fabric rucksacks were initially designed to alleviate back problems amongst Swedish schoolchildren, giving rise to its iconic Kanken silhouette. Arrayed in an assortment of colours, there’s one to suit every palette imaginable. Backpacks not your thing? The brand also carries festival-friendly hip packs, slings, and travel wallets. When it comes to variety, Fjällräven’s got this in the bag.

Treat yourself

The past few years have been rough, so we all deserve a present from time to time. And the feeling you’ll get when one of these gorgeous gifts arrives at your doorstep? Well, we can’t think of a better reason to spoil yourself.

Fender Special Run Guitars

Fender Custom Shop Fred Stuart Founders Design Herringbone Telecaster Electric Guitar, Natural

The Fender FSR series is where great gear gets better. The Custom Shop’s team of designers occasionally takes an entrenched model and swaps out its original components for quirky, contemporary features. With limited quantities available at any single time, they’re highly desirable. In the event you spot one that catches your eye, best snap it up! Fender is unlikely to release the same design twice.

Though there are quite a number of FSR axes in our collection, we’re currently partial to the Fred Stuart Founders Design Herringbone Telecaster. Stuart was influenced by the Marin Herringbone D28 guitar, a pre-World War II model that was once a bluegrass staple. Instead of sticking to the dreadnought’s original design, he adopted its features into a 2-piece roasted ash ’52 Telecaster-style body with Bear Claw Sitka Spruce top. Consider this an electric guitar with tons of acoustic spirit.

Ibanez Bass Workshop EHB Bass Guitars

Ibanez Bass Workshop EHB1505MS-PLF Electric Bass Guitar, Pacific Blue Burst Flat

From one oddball to another, Ibanez’s assembly of headless guitars makes for a worthy splurge. Though initially considered unconventional, these compelling axes have been steadily gaining popularity in recent years. It’s not just the hype-factor – the headless design comes with tons of perks. For one, they keep their tuning for longer and are also easier to restring. They’re also better balanced, while being lightweight and more compact. Finally, these unorthodox instruments are just cool to look at.

The EHB1505MS is an upgraded Multi-Scale bass that Ibanez has spared no expense in accessorising. The bass features a gorgeous kaleidoscopic poplar burl top design on a sleek African mahogany body, with an ultra-speedy graphite-reinforced 9-piece panga panga and walnut neck. The EHB’s Nordstrand Big Split pickups buck unwanted hums while delivering on the thunder. Get stuck in, and these babies have a ferocious growl. Pull back a little, and notes turn glassy and sweet. Trust us, no one would blame you for losing your head over this guitar.

Take some time out for yourself

If taking some time to yourself this National Day is more your speed, then we have just the thing for you.  What could be more relaxing than spending National Day with an armful of curated vinyl records and a quality pair of headphones? Instant bliss.

Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones

Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones II, Rose Gold

The QuietComfort 35 is Bose’s first attempt at incorporating wireless capabilities into their noise-cancelling headphones assemblage. Rest assured, this snipping of strings comes with fewer compromises than expected. Battery life has been juiced up to 20 hours – increasing up to 40 hours if plugged in. They also support NFC pairing, which is helpful with the amount of Android devices utilising the tap-and-play function. While the QuietComfort 35s aren’t the most attention-grabbing model, their strength lies in how comfortable they are. Weight is well-distributed across the pads and band, with lavish cushioning so you can wear them for a whole day without straining your ears.  

My Bloody Valentine – Loveless

There’s something so purposefully indulgent about placing a vinyl record on the turntable. The real dilemma is deciding on a soundtrack itself. Our vote goes to My Bloody Valentine’s “Loveless”. This critically-acclaimed studio production is a flawless rendition of shoegaze poetry. As “Only Shallow” drowsily lumbers in, its forlorn tones set the mood for the rest of the album. Further down the line are the high-pitched drones of “I Only Said”, perhaps the most radio-friendly of the lot. “Soon” caps everything off with an energetic beat that tops off the entire album.

That concludes our to-do list for National Day 2022. Perhaps you’ve gotten an idea or two on how you’ll be spending your mini break from this article. If you just came for the item recommendations, feel free to read our previous buying guides. There’s lots of amazing stuff to be discovered.

Shop Swee Lee’s National Day Promos

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