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Guitar Pedals for Beginners

Do guitarists really need effect pedals? While some cynics might consider them an unnecessary addition to your set-up, we think they add dynamics and edge to your sound. Colour in your guitar lines down to the most specific embellishments and emulate your heroes with effect pedals. Shop our Guitar Pedal… Read more

National Day Sales SLSG
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5 Ways to Enjoy the National Day Holiday

Get those flags out for National Day is upon us! A quintessential part of the Singaporean experience, National Day sees all of us honouring our country with festivities, and of course, that well-deserved holiday. Even if you aren’t planning for a roaring display of patriotic fervour, there are other ways… Read more

Best Heavy Metal Guitar and AMPS
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The Best Heavy Metal Guitars & Amps for 2022

Like many who have binged the latest season of Netflix’s “Stranger Things”, Eddie Munson’s rendition of Metallica’s “Master of Puppets'' has gotten us excited for the return of heavy metal into the mainstream. Thanks to Eddie, many are now plugged into the massive riffs, searing solos and heavy hits of… Read more

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A Guide to Different Drum Shell Materials

The old adage of “beauty is only skin deep” might ring true for most things in life, but for drum shells, the exterior qualities matter just as much. Construction and finishing aside, drum shell materials can make a world of difference in your playing. Shop Acoustic Drums Many beginner guides… Read more

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A Beginner’s Guide to Guitar Amplifiers

Show of hands now. How many of you go the extra mile when looking for an electric guitar? We’re betting most of you will opt to spend hours researching everything from materials to onboard hardware. And why not? After all, the perfect axe is worth the effort. But have you… Read more

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7 Best S-Style Guitars Under $1,000

What’s the first image that pops into your head when someone says the words “electric guitar”? For many of us, it’s the distinctive Strat axe. Even those who hate taking sides will admit to having a soft spot for this model. Everything from its looks to its distinct sound ensures… Read more

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Choosing Your First DJ Controller

Back in the days of phonographs, DJing used to be a niche skill. Oh, how the tables have turned. Anyone who mixes music can get into the groove. From vinyl records and cassettes to digital audio files. And where there’s a DJ, there’s a DJ controller. DJ Gear for Every… Read more

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Ibanez AZ, AZS & AZES: Vintage Guitars for the Modern Age

Innovation. Mention the word to any guitarist and Ibanez immediately springs to mind. Even as the brand started out in the 70s, they were already setting trends for years to come. Saber (S), RG, JEM – names just as big as the superstars wielding them. When Steve Vai, Tom Morello… Read more

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Squier Guitar and Bass Lineup Compared

If you’re looking to get into the electric guitar and you don’t have an unlimited budget at your fingertips, Squier is most definitely a name that would have come up during your search.  Often regarded as the little brother of Fender, the Squier brand has actually been in existence since… Read more

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Your Guide to Hollowbody & Semi-Hollowbody Guitars

When you’re new to the world of guitars, hollow might seem like an unusual descriptor. What could it mean? Aren’t guitars supposed to be solid? How does a hollowbody differ from a semi-hollowbody? It’s fine, we’ve all been there. That’s why we’re giving you this brief rundown of hollowbody and… Read more

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MIDI Controllers Guide: Keys and Pads

So you’re putting together a recording studio. Next on your purchase list? A MIDI controller. The only catch is that you're not quite sure what you should be looking out for. That’s where this article comes in. We’ll give you a brief run-through on all things MIDI. You’ll practically be… Read more

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Studio Recording Gear: A Beginner Buyer’s Guide

In this age of DIY advocacy, you’ve no doubt seen how convenient it is to assemble your own home studio. Indie musicians, Youtube personalities, podcasters – it seems like everyone’s got one. It’s a huge 180 from how it used to be. Older studio recording gear setups once ran up… Read more