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Gretsch Drums
#Buying Guides / 7 July 2021

That Great Gretsch Sound: Gretsch Drums

Gretsch! Ask anybody around and you'll most likely get answers that pertain to their iconic hollow-body guitars. But did you know? Long before Gretsch was known as a guitar powerhouse, Gretsch Drums were at the forefront of the company's history. The Gretsch brand as we know it started when Friedrich… Read more

man playing the bass guitar
#Buying Guides / 28 June 2021

Finding the Perfect Beginner Bass Guitar

Call yourself a hopeless romantic, but you’ve fallen hard for the bass guitar. And who wouldn’t? It’s the unsung hero of the musical ensemble, often overshadowed by its flashier electric cousin. Yet, when a song begs for an injection of groove, drive, or funk, it’s the bass that everyone looks… Read more

Vinyl Turntable and Audio Speakers in A Music Store
#Buying Guides / 15 June 2021

A Guide to Starting Your Vinyl and Turntable Journey

There’s no denying it – vinyl is making one hell of a comeback and it’s here to stay! There are so many reasons vinyl is so desirable. The physical connection of owning a beautiful copy of an album you love, the act of pulling a record out of its sleeve… Read more

A Les Paul Guitar
#Buying Guides / 9 June 2021

5 Guitar Myths Debunked

Guitar myths are a dime a dozen. Trawl through the internet, social media, or even when you're at a bar with your guitarist friends, you’ll hear so many for yourself! For every true fact out there, there are so many falsehoods about gear just waiting to bamboozle beginners and exasperate… Read more

#Buying Guides / 8 June 2021

Crosley Turntables Compared

If you’d have told somebody back in the 2000s that vinyl would be making a comeback in a big way, they’d probably have you committed to a psych ward – but lo and behold, look at the state of the music world right now. Vinyl hasn’t only made a comeback,… Read more

Two beginner guitars in a music store in Asia
#Buying Guides / 3 June 2021

Beginner Guitars Under S$700: Electric Guitars

If you're just starting out, or looking for a beater electric guitar, you've come to the right place! Budget or beginner guitars are perfect for aspiring guitarists who are just starting out or experienced players keen on a backup guitar for the road. Of course, working with a tighter budget… Read more

Roland Audio Interface, Shure Dynamic Microphone and a Novation MIDI keyboard
#Buying Guides / 21 May 2021

Setting Up Your Home Recording Studio: The Essentials

All hail the marvels of technology! Advancements in science and manufacturing have no doubt made marked improvements to many facets of modern life. Just look at the examples! It has made computers accessible to the masses, connected people and ideas all over the globe via the internet, and contributed to… Read more

Piano, guitar and kalimba
#Buying Guides / 6 May 2021

What are the Best Instruments to Learn Music with?

Contemplating reasons to learn a new music instrument? Well, you’ve come to the right place if you're looking for that and the best instruments to learn music with! Alongside its relaxing qualities, science has demonstrated that learning an instrument is beneficial to refining brain structure and forming neural connections. Think… Read more

A man with an electric guitar, using a smart phone with his practice guitar amp
#Buying Guides / 29 April 2021

How to Find the Perfect Beginner Electric Guitar

So you’ve made your choice. Whether you've been captivated by the chops of your guitar heroes like Slash or John Mayer, or enticed by its unmistakeable sound, you’ve finally decided you want to become an electric guitar player. Now all that is left is to find your very first beginner… Read more

#Buying Guides / 25 March 2021

Why You Should Buy a Custom Shop Guitar

Custom Shop guitars. For some, the phrase evokes feelings of realising a childhood dream – a dream of obtaining that holy grail instrument! To others, it means getting the perfect instrument that adds an extra layer of musical inspiration – a push to take them to the upper echelon of… Read more

#Buying Guides / 15 March 2021

Welcome Harmony Guitars: Available for Pre-order

Harmony Guitars are back. And we couldn't be more proud to have a brand with such an illustrious history available at Swee Lee. The world's most cherished musical instruments brand ushers in a new era with a brand new lineup, and you can now pre-order these Harmony Guitars at Swee… Read more

#Buying Guides / 24 February 2021

8 Keyboards and Pianos for Beginners

For those just starting out on the keys, or looking to buy a starter piano for someone special – we fully understand that the process of choosing your first instrument can be a daunting task. With a massive assortment of features, types, and sizes on the marketplace, it can definitely… Read more